Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yawn. It's the second day of the two weeks study week. There's a lot to study. *sigh* I woke up early today, around 5.30am, got dressed, went into my car by 6.20am, to drive to college. It's not like I have class at 8am in the morning anyway. Definitely there is something messed up in my head. That is this thing called exams. (Member of Fuck, I Never Actually Learned This Shit - F.I.N.A.L.S :p)

Then I felt like eating nasi lemak. Hell, it's around 6.30am in the morning, where can I find nasi lemak? I drove around at Melawati's best nasi lemak corner (which is near the police station area in Taman Melawati - at the food court area place). Everything was still dark, no cars were at sight, and obviously at 6.30am in the morning, of course la the place was not open yet. Hurmmmhhh. *pissed off*

However, I was tuning in to Hitz.fm this morning. In my attempt to find nasi lemak, I heard the conversation between a guy and a girl on air. (I tuned in half way so I didn't really know what happened)

Guy : Hey Suzy, you're like so beautiful, heads are turning looking at you

Suzy (or what ever her name was, but I really think it was Suzy) : Oh really *sounding really excited* -- lame :P

Guy (with really deep voice) : Ok, let's cut to the chase. I'd really like to go out with you. Are you free on Wednesday or Thursday? I can't wait to meet you, so let's meet as soon as possible. *sounding really sly*

Suzy : Let's make it Wednesday. (wah tak sabar-sabar lagi)

Guy : Wait, wait. Before anything happens, just asking, are you single, or do you have a boyfriend? I wouldn't want to break anything...

Suzy : Oh, no I'm single.

Guy2 : Apa? Macam ni you layan I? (Haha.. this is getting interesting -- the guy's voice is different)

Suzy : Wait. Eh.. is it..?

Guy2: Lepas sume yang I buat untuk U, beli macam-macam, macam ni U buat kat I? (You think after you beli macam-macam for the girl you own her is it? ;p LOL)

Suzy : Baby, it's not what you think!!! (Hah, finally realising it is her boyfriend!! :P What is not what he[the bf] thinks? When you are attached with someone, and tells another person that you are not taken, obviously you think your significant other is not good enough for you. And lying straight to your teeth that you are single? One word babe, bitch! Or slut.. pick your choice)

Guy2: --hung up the phone-- *probably too pissed to say anything*

Then of course the conversation ended with Rudy and JJ saying "Gooooootchhhaaaa"

But I would rather end it with saying "SNNNNNAAAAAAPPPPPPP"

See, how are people to trust a relationship when so many others who claim to be single are actually with a significant other already? *hopes come crushing down*

And, by the way, I ended eating nasi lemak sold in front of the UNITEN area, doesn't taste that good, but what do you expect at 7.00am in the morning??

After eating, I slept. Woke up. Studied. Slept again. Woke up again. It's 11am. Damn the day seems so long. It's going to be the longest yet shortest 2 weeks. *sigh*


HaNi said...

i chosed
"one word~ bitch!"

no baby for anymore

ayumin said...


Niss Si Gadis Salsa said...

bitch! bitch! hahahhahaa. there tons of bitch out there. so does sons of a bitch. lol. sama je. hardly trust anyone la nowadays.

eh mkn dekat uniten? bile nak dtg sini lepak ngan i?