Wednesday, July 4, 2007

research ending : final wake up call before heading to clinical years

Research project. 2 words that may bring a gazillion other emotions when said or given thought to medical students. For me (and probably my group : group 7), the word signifies a tumour. Firstly, it was benign, not presenting us with any symptoms of pain. Then it mutated to be malignant, spreading it's malignant cells all over our body, filling our brains, our very thoughts with research terms, proposals and hospital visits. It really stresses me. Every minute detail is being taken into account, so that a book, a single book of bound papers filled with words written in ink can be handed in, and would probably be left unread in the library. So much for all our hard work and efforts. Almost everyone knows about our infamous visits to the HKL every single day for the past 2 months on the name of data collection. It was a drag. Driving up and down from K17 to HKL definitely wasn't a bed of roses, but it taught me patience, and definitely how to manoeuvre my car through the jammed streets of KL during peak hours.

For me, days for research(as in collecting data) is like the weather.

On some days it is sunny.

Most days it is hazy (because I'm not really sure what I'm doing).

But the worst of all is when it rains (when we are in a tiff with our supervisor/co supervisors).

On days like that I just feel like laying down on the grass on a cloudy day and watch the clouds form. Or eat lots of McDonald's ice creams. Or just sit aimlessly and do nothing. That's the best.

But thank God I've been blessed to have great group members who brightens up my dark days. The laughter that we had was neverending.

There's our head of the group which is Abdul Fattah or better known as Misz Paris Hilton.
Although she can be a tad bit annoying at times, but she definitely cheers me up whenever I'm in a bad mood during the research period. Not talking about making jokes for us to laugh about, she's also the paparazzi of K17 --> knowing so much about so many people!!! I'm glad we're in the same group Paris, being the blonde that you are :P

And then there's Alex, the nice naive Chinese dude hailing all the way from Alor Setar, Kedah, or more commonly known as Alexxis or Mongreal. Haha!!

He's always the one looking for the silver lining when the clouds are black, and he's the one doing all the calling to supervisor/s during the research (well, most of the calls anyway) and although undergoing multiple stress factors is still able to smile at the end of the day, ensuring the other group members that everything will turn out fine. Coolness.

And there's this beautiful model by the name of Emi or Lilo

She's really good and efficient at her work, and never once complained about what happened (excluding the time where she met Dr Latiffah to get signature for the thesis), but instead still goes on the stuff we are doing patiently. She's always a victim of molestation to Paris but Paris is just too blonde to know better (or function) ;p. Always up-to-date with the latest fashion, and a cleo avid reader, she's definitely a fashion diva. Great to be working with ya gurl (this isn't the 1st time, and won't be the last) :D

Basicly all of us are separated into 4 different groups, A1, A2, B1 and B2. But it was great moments we had together, although we remember the worst times more than the good times, but indeed I cannot deny, there are more of the good times than the bad times. This is after all the final wake up call before heading to clinical. We've learnt a lot, and came a long way. But there's more to this and we'll be learning more. But time definitely has made us more mature, and the research project will hopefully always be remembered no matter how far we've gone.

During final research presentation

4 different seasons to drink from

In Ikea

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