Saturday, December 1, 2007


1st December 2007. It marks the end of the magical month of November. Well, basicly it's because my birthday is in November. And I'm sure everyone would think their month of birth is extra special. Amazingly this year's birthday for me was kinda great, after years of let downs and crap received from loved ones. Seriously.

As I didn't want to keep my hopes up on my birthday, I slept early, plus I had a bad case of flu, sore throat and a bit of fever. Taking the antihistamines made me sleepy, but as always, my bestfriend would not fail to call me up a few minutes before midnight to sing the birthday song, eventhough now she's in New Zealand. I guess distance wasn't a problem when there's telecommunication services. Heheh. And of course some other people who called up to wish me happy birthday, and the smsses I got at 12 am sharp. Man, don't these people sleep?? Haha! That was great anyway.

Most of my friends treated me to lunch, dinner and gave me presents of chocolates (I love chocolate by the way) and some other people gave me other presents like singing a song accompanied by the strummings of a guitar and being able to view pictures of them since young. Extra ordinary never the less. :P My parents decided they didn't want to choose the present for me, so they gave me the cash and asked me to buy whatever I want. Way better. :D

My birthday also signals the time for me to move back to my room in college. Because it was already the middle of the posting, and we "anak buayas" are now known as anak Mr. Annal and anak Mr. Khairul Muhsein (the neurosurgeon) .. scary!! As always there is pros and cons to this condition you see. Because when I returned back to college, I met the people I enjoy to hang out with, but at the same time I meet those who really make my heart ache in pain. But it really helped me concentrate studying, or I would probably be watching E! Channel 24/7 at home.

The college is pretty empty, and there's only use medical students there. (Some 5th years, most of the 3rd years and all of the 1st and 2nd years). Tak de muka orang baru ke nak usha?? ;p And when I'm in Hospital Serdang I realised how racist people there are. One Chinese lady actually denied being examined by us, merely because we were Malays. Balik China la makcik! Malaysia is not for racist people! Whatever la. When we mentioned this to Mr. Annal he said "Don't worry, some people are like that. She doesn't let you examine her breasts it's ok. There are many other breast cancer patients you can learn from." Like Ayu said, breast kitorang lagi cantik la makcik. C girls rock!! ;p

There's a flu virus going around in the surgical posting students. The flu is going from one person to another, and some are taking multiple days of sick leave. But sometimes, it's hard to differentiate whether they really are on sick leave, or they are planning for a gateaway in Cameron Highlands or something. Hehe.

By the way, "Enchanted", the typical Disney movie was fun to watch. I watched it twice by the way. Maybe I'll watch it again. Hehe. Yang tak boleh blahnye, I ponteng kelas separuh hari last friday, and went to Times Square to catch this movie. Time queue up to buy popcorn terserempak dengan senior 5th year. A couple la. (Just realised because abang 5th year tu nak clerk the same UGIB patient with us in the morning) Die pun ponteng pe.. ape lagi junior kan?? ;p Haha! Then when we are seated, the couple sitting exactly beside me, lagi tak leh blah. It's my 4th year buddy's roomate, with her boyfriend. Seriously a small world. And medical students from UPM especially those in clinical years watch movies in Times Square. So if you don't want to bump into anyone, don't watch movies in Times Square. Or Mines. Or in Balakong Cheras. Or in Mid Valley. Maybe you can watch it in KLCC. :P But if you want to show your new found boyfriend or girlfriend (trophy boyfriend or girlfriends especially), please head to the places mentioned above. Especially Times Square. On Friday evenings or Saturdays. You'll be discovered.

6 more weeks to professional exams. Scary. Trying to read everything up, trying to clerk as many patients as possible, trying to spend every single minute in the day in the wards, but I would never leave my eating time. Hehe. Do not skip meals, but take meals in appropriate porportions. Plus exercise. No use becoming bullemic, and taking suppository pills. Haha.

UKM students already got their JPA allowance. Rumour has it that we will get rm2K more this time. Finally! Justice to the Malaysian students! Those studying overseas get like RM6k every month tau! I repeat.. EVERY MONTH!! Some can even save and go travel abroad to Australia, Europe, Bali and so on and so forth.. Kitorang mampu pegi mana je.. orang pegi France ke hapa.. budak UPM dapat pegi Zoo Negara je.. tak kesian ke? Tulah gune nye tax payer's money that everyone get deducted from their salary from..That's how the students use it wahai rakyat Malaysia.. hehe ;p

Need to study. And need to do my case write-up. Orang lain dah hantar dua dah. But I haven't even finish one. And we have to send in three. I'm so last month.

Taaaa... By the way, now I can legally vote, and legally enter clubs. Hehe. Thinking of it.. maybe.. .. hehe (chuckles)


niss si gadis salsa. said...

it was good knowing u have a nice birthday. plus it's 21st birthday kan? should give a deeper meaning. dr i, that had my birthday with bergaduh with someone in the middle of midvalley. n no gift at all from anyone n no phone-call-wish either. gahhhhh.

eh btw where u staying now? u kt UPM kan? since u driving, do come down here to uniten. tak jauh punnnnnn. hehe

yetza said...

:) like this..