Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am in my lecturer's webpage!

Haha. I am in my lecturer's webpage. *kembang idung* :P

Dr Christopher Lim. He was my supervisor during the medical posting, although being very meticulous about the case writeups I've sent to him (the highest marks he gave me was 7.5 over 10 ok.. @#$#%$^# ), but I'm glad, because he did taught me a lot on case presentations.

Now he is a millionaire. Wow. Maybe if I kiss ass he would give me some of his money? :P Haha.

Please visit his webpage here, talking about his success on raising swiftlets. Or something like that.

My picture is above the statement "Teaching and educating the next generation of young doctors is one of Dr Lim's passions". Passion ke? I think more like forced. HOHOHOHOO. LOL. Kidding :P You're a great lecturer Dr Chris. :D (attempt to kiss ass :P) *wink wink*

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