Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Duh. Your blog exudes the way you think."

Every person who writes a blog writes it not just as ramblings from their heart. Rather, it shows their personality and their ups and downs of life. Some people may think their problems are so big, it's like the end of the world if they don't solve it. Some people would rather talk about how to solve their problems rather than bitchfit about it. Some talks about their triumph in life. (Or rather about what brings them joy)

Whatever it is people may blog about, there is one main feeling they portray in their blog. That is what I think.

For some people, their blog entries exude confidence, telling others that they are doing okay in life and don't need people to help.

For some others, their blog entries are about their girlfriends and boyfriends, their problem in love life and about people they like. These are hopeless romantics. (Not that it's a bad thing)

Others talk about everyday random things, such as the football score for last night's football match, what they and their friends laugh about at the mamak stall, what they will be wearing at the next party they are invited to and so on. These people do not tell much about themselves, but rather would disclose their real opinions, and talk about what people are most talking about at the moment.

The are some who talk about the bad day they have, and bitch fit about it for the whole entry. (Like me, haha!)

Whatever it is they are writing, blogs signify a person. It tells the readers how their minds work, and an insight to how to approach them.

When someone (whose blog I am reading) actually asks me, how do you know I'm thinking like that? (at any random act they are doing, and miraculously I kind of predict what they think) Far at the end of my brain, where the synapses are connected, I would answer "Duh. Your blog exudes the way you think."


HaNi said...

i know 1blog that u already about mine?
wonder gak wut do u think about how my mind works..

d.i.y.a.n.a Shout~ said...

hai farah..
yeah i agreed wit u..the blog represents the way we think! haha..just passing by, and i tot u blog was great! :)

Arifah Abd. Rahim said...

True enough. ;)

Farah Waheeda said...

anot : hopeless romantic (u sgt jiwang ok, that's why u r the penulis buku :P)

diyana : thanks. will be reading your blog too :D

arifah : word~