Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marie who?

Yeah. Marie Digby. Heard about her once before about the star who became famous through Youtube (we have lots of these types of people these days huh?). I never really thought about her then.

Until my friend told me that Marie Digby was coming to Malaysia, in OU to perform, and to be introduced as a GAP ambassador.

I didn't really think about going, because the exams were coming up, and I haven't been reading much, but I decided to Google Marie Digby to see what I can find about her.

Apparently she is of Japanese-Irish heritage, looks really cute, sang her own version of Umbrella, and became popular for the song "Say It Again".

Then I got the text message.
"Marie Digby?"
"Yeah. Why not? What time are we leaving?" -- my answer

So us three musketeers drove to OU from college, leaving at about 6.30pm, got stuck in the jam for almost one hour plus, and finally reached OU at around 8.15pm or so. And Marie Digby was no where to be seen.

While we were waiting (at the 3rd floor), it was funny to see that everyone had their attention at the stage (those at the first floor and second floor bla3x) but Marie Digby was at the second floor walking at the back of the crowds with her bodyguard and no one noticed. Maybe they did. (Like me and my friend) Then he said "We should have been on the second floor and camwhored. No one would notice because they were busy looking at the stage" Yeah. That would be great. But we were at 3rd floor and to run down to the second floor? Hurm. That's far.

After moments of waiting, finally we saw her. (We went down to the first floor where the stage was set up)

Yeah, we were pretty much at the back of the crowd. Wayyyyyy baaackkkkkk actually. But we can see her head and listen to her, and that is what matters right? (as if ;p)

What they did while waiting.

Sms-ing others

Pissed off (Stomach grumbling already ;p)

She really is beautiful.

Try listening to her singing Umbrella.

Yeah. That was basicly the Marie Digby experience. To get her signature, you must buy at least RM50 worth of GAP goodies.

Whatever~ (I can see her on Youtube for free :P)


d.i.y.a.n.a Shout~ said...

hi dear..digby..i like to hear she's singing umbrella..definitely.
by the way, how do u do those photos tindih each other..beautiful!

muhammad edwan shaharir said...

marie digby hotness. kat youtube dgr dia nynyi james morrison's 'u give me something' trus jatuh cinta.

Matematis Muda said...

sangat menjatuhkan cinta
apsal tak gi backstage farah
ameq gamba dgn dia ke

HaNi said...

u've been tagged, check out my blog for it

Farah Waheeda said...

diyana : the photos tu gune software, picasa. check it out la :D

edwan : haaa... dah la cun, suara sedap.. sapa tak jatuh cinta? ;p

nabil : tak sempat nak lari amik gambar backstage ngan die, kalo nak dekat-dekat kena beli baju gap dulu.. huuu.. T_T

MiLuViA said...

oh god.i love perempuan itu.
such a bummer tk dpt gi hr tu.

anyway, hi!