Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prokhim Rembau 2008 Part 1 : Intro & Activities

Every year, the 3rd year medical students of UPM will be doing a community service project in any part of Malaysia. This year, Rembau Negeri Sembilan was chosen, partly because of it was nearer to UPM - 45mins drive away (compared to the originally planned Terengganu), and mainly because of the sponsorship reasons that was to be considered as well.

PROKHIM 2008 logo
Theme : Merealisasikan Kesihatan Sejagat

What we basicly do during the community service is to give the penduduk kampung free clinical examination services such as to check for high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus status, visual acquity and so on.

Fariz asking for the patient's details

Sylvester checking the patient's blood pressure

Yee Sin checking the patient's visual acquity

Besides that, other activities such as motivational talks to the high school students and colouring contests for the primary and pre-school students are planned as well.

Talk on promoting the medical degree programme by Ayu and Arifah. (sorry for the poor quality of picture ;p)

Me and Mimi (the emcee for the motivation day)

Am in charge of the video setting and the IT stuff

Zes (the official photographer of the PROKHIM, he takes pictures of everyone)
and Kig Tsuew (facilitator)

L-R : Fakhri, Robel, Faizal, Jessica, Ritchie and Afifah. They were among those in charge of becoming the facilitators for the LDK session with the students on the motivation day

Ai Y'ng and Me. This is taken after the motivational talk for the form 4 and 5 students given by me, Prasath and Kay Kiat.

In addition to that, the medical students will be divided to stay in the penduduk kampung's home for the 3 days, to expose to them what is a kampung life all about and to bond better with the penduduk kampung.

The pictures below are taken from the room provided by my parents angkat (Pakcik Shaari and Makcik Baiya) from Kampung Gadong for me and Hafizah. Initially our names were supposed to be in the Kampung Batang Nyamor, but was changed during the last minute. However, I never regret going for Kampung Gadong, my parent's angkat treated me really well, I could not ask for anything more. :D


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