Thursday, December 25, 2008

Drama fiasco

Who says life is boring? It isn't for me. This week especially. The whole drama fiasco unfolds starting last Sunday, up to Wednesday.


I was lazing around, preparing for the O&G clinicals by reading the schedule, when suddenly, an unknown number called. Usually I won't pick up unknown calls, because some of them are just pranks, but somehow, my gut told me that if I don't pick up this one call, the number would just call again and again and again. You get the picture.

I picked it up. It was a girl. Not even saying any greeting, she straight away bombarded me with a question "Farah, are you dating ****** ?"

Owh gosh. It's the girlfriend of that dude calling, thinking that I am having an affair with her boyfriend. So I spent like 2 minutes explaining that I not having an affair, and suddenly it became a therapy session for that girl, when she suddenly told me all her problems with that dude. *sigh* Thank God I've been to psychiatry posting, so I lent her my ears. And then she continued msging me the whole night, asking my opinions on stuff. Kalah message boyfriend weh.


When I was all tired and pissed off coming from the hospital because I couldn't answer questions the lecturers asks, and the KKM staff were mad at us because we didn't wear appropriate attires like the apron and stuff in the labour room, the people in the house just decided to have a freaking house meeting which is more like "the house vs farah and roomate and what we don't like about them meeting".

Yeah. So I was tired, pissed off and getting angrier by the second, but I just decided to not fight back (face-to-face that is) because I was doing it the easiest way possible, which is using the internet. Hence the blog entry before this. :P

Still pissed off with them though. Just that I thought becoming the bigger person and venting my anger in a better way then throwing acid at them would be better.


Was named as guideline person by my lecturer the day before, but during the class, I could not answer questions that he specifically asked me to read about the day before (due to the house meeting on Monday :( even more reason to hate the people).

Then he came out with a statement sort of like this "You guys are seriously below average compared to the other group. They were so hardworking they made me want to teach them more. But if you guys don't buck up, I guess our classes will just end up here, because there is no use of teaching if you guys don't know anything."

My heart dropped to the floor and I just couldn't feel better the whole day. I felt so depressed.

Coming back to my room, I got to know something awful about one of my closest friends, which I couldn't accept. Even more drama, because this actually not involves only one of them, but all 3 of them, and involves a certain guy not worth mentioning whom I despise and relationships and trust.

I just was in utter shock, I just couldn't get the information I just knew about the closest friend. So I decided to just keep the "friend drama" until after the O&G posting, then do something about it - like asking the friend whether what happened was actually true, because I seriously could not accept her anymore if it is.


Came to class with not enough sleep, trying really hard to memorize everything that I was supposed to read on Monday and Tuesday.

Went for on-call, and the same lecturer asked questions to me and the group. This time around, we were prepared.

Then he said "You guys are not bad after all huh? After getting some pressure from me then you guys can perform"

Wow. That statement just made my whole week worthwhile despite all the emotional turbulence. Huhu. :D


Mighty Jacksparrow said...


i seriously need a therapy nowadays.

Matematis Muda said...

drama habis ko punya minggu ye

Matematis Muda said...

especially hari sunday kau
gila saiko dough

Farah Waheeda said...

mighty jacksparrow : well, i can always lend you my ears, and tell you my not-so-expert-opinion after having 8 weeks of psychiatry posting. Hehe. Juz gimme a buzz aite? :D

nabil : tau tak pe. kalah la cerekarama kat tv3. hari sunday tu epitome of all drama la. mmg psycho pun. aku nak tido malam tu pun berdebar2, tak caya aku leh kena call by awek orang ingat aku perampas lak, and boleh lak aku counsel awek die. adoi. apa la nak jadi. *sigh*

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

how la to talk to you? your contact oso i dun have maa

Farah Waheeda said...

mighty jacksparrow : you can ym me at apparations_of_smoke. dats my yahoo id. boleh ar buzz buzz. then can contact2 maaaaaa.... :P lols