Wednesday, December 10, 2008


You know what's the freaking problem?

Everywhere in the world this happens. Or every phase of your life this happens. Not that I'm old enough to experience all the phases what-so-ever.

It probably starts in high school, when you reach puberty and realize that the world isn't made out of cotton candy and lollipops. Instead, you will reach puberty, be smiled at by one person, and stabbed at the back by the very same person another second later. Yeah, life is cruel. And you just can't help it but to feel irked every time that 'one' person appear in your presence.

Maybe there are some people out there who claims 'hey, that's not true, I'm friends with everybody. Everybody loves me'. Well. Yeah. Or so you think.

There will be people who are constantly trying to push you over, who are willing to step on you to move on, who doesn't care about the feelings of others in the strive to be a better person. As they say, it doesn't matter what happens, as long as you finished it or you are at the finishing line, huh? I disagree. I believe that the way you get to the finishing line counts too. If you kill people along the way to get your Nobel prize, do you really deserve the so called achievement awards? Being a human being is not just about finishing the race, it is about the whole journey throughout the race. And obviously no one wants to end it last. Does it mean that you have to play dirty the whole way?

You know what's the worse part? When we are sitting here, panting and cursing that someone about what 'they' have taken from us - the one opportunity to answer the question, the one opportunity to stand out, the one opportunity to become better, instead of falling back, they would be the one who moves on, and we, on the other hand, stay stagnant like the stagnant water where Aedes mosquito breed.

Then you couldn't help but wonder, maybe if you can't beat them at this game, we should just join them. And try to stay focussed at not playing dirty. Which will definitely not be the goal at the end of the journey.


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

oh dear,

somebody was standing in your way farah?

let's throw rocks at them =D

Farah Waheeda said...


u throw and i watch.

then i go comfort them.

how's dat? :P

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

very neat plan there. mean and manipulating.

let's do it =D

Farah Waheeda said...

haha. we make such a great team. :P not to mention evil.