Friday, January 9, 2009


Too many words in this blog for the time being. Time to put up pictures to divert attention. :P

Last deed of the year.

Donating blood for the blood bank. :D

The next few pics about the labour room.

How we are expected to dress in the labour room. This is what we do while waiting for babies to be delivered.

Initially all of us acted like this.
(Monolog dalaman : Bestnye, dapat sambut baby! We are the first thing the lil baby sees when he/she goes out of the mother's womb :D )

Very the 'Grey's Anatomy' kan baju die?
(Monolog dalaman : Bile nak kuar baby ni? Lama dah tunggu)

(Monolog dalaman : Dah brape lama aku kat sini, ha?)

In the end.
(Monolog dalaman : Let's just stare into space, and wait for time to pass by.)


HaNi said...

i pun blood group A gak... and joshua itu hensem laa...kan kan

ayumin said...

Very Grey's Anat! Hehe. Nak curik those pics ya. Wahh suddenly I feel like Christina Yang...but she's smart, and I'm NOT. Blergh.

Anot : Joshua hensem. Tapi emo macam pompuan!! Hahahaaaa

Farah W said...

anot : joshua mmg la hensem. tapi drama queen. i mean king. comes with the package. :P lol!

ayu : silalah curi. not a prob. huhu. alaa... christina tu kiasu. mcm some people in our class.... heeeeeeeeee. nak jadi cam christina kena jadik lagi kiasu wehhhhh :P

yaya said...

wah farah, bestnye keje korang...
nampak seronok jek leh pakai mcm grey's anatomy =P\


Farah W said...

syaza : haha :P