Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lazy mode

Yeah. So I've been absent from the blog for about.. 3 weeks? Eversince my preparation for the Ob & Gyn finals I had almost 3 weeks ago. And I have been wanting to update this blog with what I've been thinking, and tags from numerous people, but I'm just to lazy to do so.

The first thing I did in the weekend after finishing my exam was cancelling all the plans of going out with friends and instead spending it on my bed, sleeping. So much for planning for a day (or more like days of fun) after the busiest posting in 4th year ended.

Then I had to prepare to move to K17, our hostel in Serdang, near our main campus. And this time around, I'd be driving my own car, which I had neglected eversince I started staying in Kg Baru in July last year, because there was not enough parking space here. (And maybe because of the fact that the roomate in Kg Baru will be bringing her own car, and I will be sitting in the passenger's seat anyway :P)

My brain didn't quite function during the first week of paediatrics, probably I was too worked up for the Obs & Gyn posting before. Then I started to wonder how I actually survived studying until the wee hours of the morning, and staying for on-calls in the hospital during public holidays and so on. Totally no life weh. Not to mention the weight I've gained during the 10 weeks posting. Blame it on the hormones, or blame it on the chocolate that I've been taking during the times I was down. :P

There's another 8 weeks left to go before the much awaited electives (yeay.. Kuching.. here I come!!!!), then hopefully another trip to Singapore?? ;p Hah. That's why I have to give my all, yet again, for this posting, so I can definitely go for the electives later on. Huhuhuhuhuhu. Tak sabar yo.

And I'm sorry to all the friends who I've made plans with, and I've cancelled, because I just wanted to spend time at home. And I'm tired of going out, eating food in shopping malls, and spending time in college.. well, I think you get the picture.

And for those who has tagged me, whether in the blog arena, or facebook or what-so-ever, I'll do those tags, when I have the time. (Or more like the mood :P)

And I'm currently in Serdang, so I don't have internet access. (Except for Thursdays onwards to weekends, where I'll be in Kg Baru and at home, but still I'm to lazy to go online anyway)

And I miss all the posting mates who are currently having the paeds in HKL yo. (Betul ni tak tipu)

And what I miss the most now is the drive I had to study which I think I left in the Obstretics Ward when I left after my second short case was finished during the Obs & Gyn finals.


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