Monday, June 15, 2009

Gunung Gading National Park

My idea of electives in Kuching was basicly having fun and having fun. But by fun, it means shopping, eating, lepaking... but NOT hiking. However, a few of my coursemates with me that time didn't feel the same way.

So there I was on my way to Lundu, which was an hour and a half from Kuching town, to see the Rafflesia blooming in Gunung Gading. Everyone else was so freaking excited, and here I was thinking, it's just a flower blooming. Don't we see that happening any other day? But this is the Rafflesia yo. The world's largest flower. And since it is already blooming, (according to the people in charge of the reserve), my coursemates decided it would be the best time to hike up the mountain (gunung = mountain right?) and see the Rafflesia.

Our express bus that day.

The super-excited faces.

Okayla. Me and my excited face as well. :P

Hiking? Like come on. I haven't been going to the gym at that point, and I was wayyyyyy out of shape. But I went anyway. In my heart I was wondering all the worse possible scenarios that could happen, me fainting half way hiking, or I if had any leg fracture or sprains or if I fell down the cliff. Who would save me? Superman only exists in comic books, and even if Spiderman could come, I bet ya he couldn't use his spider web thingy as there is no high building to cling on to. :P

Anyway, I still made it to the reserve. We took a guide to well... guide us to the Rafflesia so that we wouldn't get lost.

The guide. (The one in front la, the one with the nike bag is one of us.)

The lifecycle of the Rafflesia.

Basicly what should you know about the Rafflesia? It's the biggest flower in the world. Secondly, it takes 9 months to bud. And finally, it takes about 7 days to bloom (where it could measure to up about 1 meter or more), after which it would wither and die. Man. It's like being pregnant with a baby, and the baby dies after a week. Sad sad sad.

It took us about 15 minutes (hiking) to reach the Rafflesia.

Lo and behold.... the Rafflesia!!

You must be thinking : Eh how come the flower seems so small?

Yup. The Rafflesia here measure to about 50cm only, half the size of it's counterparts in Indonesia or in Sabah. Well, it's still larger than most flowers. So, you go Rafflesia in Gunung Gading!!!

Compulsary group picture with the Rafflesia. :)

Rafflesia bud.

The sight of a withering Rafflesia.

After camwhoring with the Rafflesia, a friend of mine suggested we climb up the mountain and get to the waterfalls. It is estimated to take an hour for the hike up the mountain to the waterfall (waterfall #7 - the guide mention this waterfall is the most beautiful), which was almost 2.48km away. There was a closer waterfall (waterfall #1) but the guide said it wasn't great to swim in.
So here we were again hiking. 2.48km? Piece of cake. Or so I thought. Halfway along the hike this was how we looked like.

Wait, did I say halfway? I was wrong. It was only 1km. The hike to the waterfall #7 took 2.48km, and we weren't even half way up. T_T

Then we hiked again. And reached waterfall #3, which was halfway between waterfall #1 and waterfall #7 (which was our destination).

I was about to give up already, as it seems as though we were going no where. There were trees everywhere! Until I saw this sign. 0.48km to waterfall #7. I could do this. Only about 500meters to go. :)


An hour hike up to the waterfall, being out of breath and all..was it worth it?



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ketiak wanny basah!!!


love this post yo!

Farah W said...

azlin : hahaha. ni lah roomate. :P i love this post too :)