Sunday, June 21, 2009

The passing of a great alpha male

This effing blog is starting to sound like a "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" advertisement. LOL. :P

2 weeks into my one month holidays, I've been hanging out with friends despite my lack of money in my bank account (and having minute donations from my parents and working friends --- damn, I'm pathetic when I'm out of money :P).

I'm looking forward to watch Transformers 2 this coming Wednesday, but
everyone seems to be working!!! :'(

Urbanscapes seems cool too. Am trying to drag as many people to go with me.

I miss my cat Nelly.

Haven't seen him since I left for Kuching almost 8 weeks ago. I guess he's dead now. (Yeah, I call Nelly him, not IT)

Well, he has been in so many fights before this anyway, I guess his time has come.

I'm just so.. urm.. kecewa because if he really did pass away, I didn't get to bury him.

He's been my cat since I was in Form 4 (almost 7 years yo!).

And everytime I studied, he will accompany me through the wee hours of the day.

So this entry is for you Nelly, you've been great while it lasted.


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