Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drafts 1.0

Note : I was "cleaning" through my blog posts, and I read back this blog entry for 19th December 2008, which I never published. Maybe I thought people couldn't get the story. But anyhow, I thought this entry should not be missed, even though late being published, it deserves to be read. :) Originally it is entitled "Confessions of a student doctor".

You know when you are away from the laptop, and thinking about something, then you just have the idea to update your blog about an issue that concerns you, and when you reach the laptop, *poof* the idea seems to just disappear, and you are left staring at the laptop screen, scratching your head, thinking about what to type in.

I have a lot of that incidents lately. (Phew, finally got that off my chest)

Well let's start about me ranting about my life as a student doctor (as doctor Haw puts it) at the Ob & Gyn ward in HKL.

I had my first on-call at the labour room last week. As the name says, it is where the pregnant mothers have labour and deliver their babies. As the student doctor in my university, you are supposed to witness and deliver (with permission of the doctor on call, nurses, midwives and in circumstances you have already witness a number of vaginal deliveries) about 10 vaginal deliveries (spontaneous births) and a number of other procedures.

Being in the Obstretics side of the ward for my first on-call was definitely an eye opener. I saw 3 vaginal deliveries that night, and hopefully the next time I am on-call I would be able to assist in the delivery process.

One of the patients who came in (the last one whom I witnessed the delivery) really made me think. Let's name her Lady 3. She came in to the PAC (a maternal A&E kind of thing), with her cervix dilated about 5cm, and she could still walk around smiling, waving to all the nurses and doctors on call.

Gile cool.

And from a far, I could see her face was like.. penuh dengan cahaya nur (tak tau brape watt :P).
And her husband was with her the whole time. (On the day I'm on call, not all patients had their husbands with them through the birth process).

I accompanied her to the labour room, which throughout the time waiting for her cervix to be fully dilated and the baby to be delivered, she was still smiling, talking to her husband, who apparantly was holding her hand the whole time.

Then she felt the contractions which were a few minutes apart (contractions could be felt before that, but this one was of more intense, and of longer duration - signalling the baby's birth). She pushed, and the baby came out (I'll save the gory details for you readers when you are going to give birth - for the ladies, and to witness when you are with your wife in labour - for the men).

She wasn't screaming her lungs out like most of the ladies before.

In fact, she was calm and composed. The baby came out, she held the baby in her hands, and while the midwife and the doctor was cleaning out the vulva, her husband held the baby in his hands and azankan.

Sayu weh.

I couldn't stand it, I went out of the labour room, so that I could compose myself and not cry in the labour room.

My heart just ticked watching the birth process, and having the husband there to show physical support, and when the baby was out, the husband azankan lagik. Wow.

Celebrating the miracle of life.

Going back home that day, with 3 other coursmates, we were talking about this Lady 3 and her husband, how they were so calm and composed throughout the whole labour process (it wasn't her first time though, she has 4 other children), and the fact the husband was there (the other 2 labour process I witnessed before that, the husbands weren't around - time nak buat anak ada, time anak nak keluar tak de lak :(( ), and the husband azan kan the baby (some Muslim husbands were there, tapi anak keluar tak reti nak azan kan or iqamah kan). Adoi.

Bottomline, they were saying, (and I think it goes out to all ladies), if you want to get married, choose a husband who you know would probably will be there for you when you are in labour. :D


HaNi said...

how could you not publish it earlier??.

cool giller husband lady3...

i want 3x. not her husband off course. someone who will give me support no matter the bloody condition i'm in.

Farah W said...

anot : hehe. i thought people wouldn't understand. that's why. besides too many blog entry about o&g at that time. but when i read it back, i thought it actually has something i want people to think about. antara kriteria memilih suami.

i totally understand what u mean. guys skrang ni sume time nak pikat, apa yang nak sume ckp boleh.. nanti dah dapat.. layan cam !@#@$@% je. haha.


HaNi said...

agree! totally~

sheera the melodramatica said...

wht a great husband..
my bro in law was very excited to be in the labour room.. but fainted 10 mins after seeing all the blood.. haha

yaya said...

seriously i suka this entry. hm, nak husband macam tu jugakk