Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I had a long day today, my class was from 8.30am up to 5pm, back to back. I was practically running from one class to another, as one was held in the GS while the other in the wards in HKL. Yup, that's basically my workout for the day before I pig my way out while eating dinner. :P

After that long day, me and the roomate decided to eat something nice and made our way to KLCC.

Suddenly I met a familiar face, who amazingly recognized me as well. He was my practicum mate back then in KMPh, we never were close, I know his name and he knows mine (hopefully), so I went over and said 'Hye'.

He smiled and we made small talk, asking about where we are currently. Apparantly he was still studying, and he is a medical student too! But in Russia though. Even more things to talk about. Hehe~

Thing is, he had always been good looking, fair and all (why la all those dudes from the Kelantan and Terengganu are mostly good looking :P ), but what made me still smile right now is his scent. Being so close to him while talking to him made me realize he smells good!!! I feel like a stalker just mentioning that. HUHUHUHUHU!

Well, we exchanged phone numbers (but obviously I'm not going to do anything about it because he was out with a girl.. friend I think), but I was glad I met him. I mean, leh 'cuci mata' sikit after just being able to watch sick people in the hospital. :P

I was still smiling while I was eating, and I ate something I've been waiting for since like.... forever?? Hehe. But I haven't been eating the meal for quite sometime, and just being able to eat it, and remember how I fell in love with the taste in my mouth again, was like, how do I put it in better words, "orgasmic". :P

Just give me a good looking guy pleasant looking guy, who smells good (the musky aftershave or whatever scent that Sean John made into his perfume) and can speak fluent english, and a meal which I like, and I'll be on my best behaviour, and you can ask me to help out with anything, I am sure to do whatever almost anything you want. :)


HaNi said...

can u help me out with my case write up? discussion and management jeeeee...

pleaseeee *wet big eyes*..


Farah W said...

anot : aww. the spell broke when i had to see a patient poop on the bed this morning. i forgot his (the practicum mate's) scent already... haha. :P