Friday, September 11, 2009

Men/Guys = Drugs.

Get to know one, then got so used to the person that he becomes not just a mere friend or acquaintance, but becomes a habit. And when you're so used to the habit, you tend to want to do it more often to achieve the desired 'high' effect that you feel when you first started.

Then when you can't get the drug no more, it makes you go out of your mind, you experience withdrawal symptoms, you think about the drug all day. I mean, he has become a part of your life, how can you just forget him just like that??

As the theory says, there is no easiest way to stop taking drugs. Maybe if you replace it by another drug. But, you'll be intoxicated so much by the other drug, that you would start depending on the new one later on. To be euphoric.

I need a new drug. I want you to be my new drug. Because you make me high.

p/s : I wish I was brave enough to mention the last sentence to the person meant to hear it.

2 comments: said...

farah, u'll never know unless you try it.. besides, u've got nothing to lose if u say it out loud, right? I believe, it's better to try and be rejected, rather than not trying at all. At least it's a definite no, and not an uncertain yes :)

Take care dear.

Farah W said...

shamila : yeah. but i guess that's not the top priority for me now. :P so it'll wait.