Friday, October 23, 2009

I was in the medical book store today, wanting to purchase a book I've always set my eye on. I went on and asked one of the sales person about the price of the book, it was RM158.

I took the book to the owner of the store, who later confirmed that it was indeed RM158. I told him I wanted the book, and proceeded to take out my purse to get my money.

As I was doing so, the owner looked at my face and suddenly said "You anak Latiffah ke?"

To which I halted what I was doing, and looked at him back.

I asked "Dapat diskaun ke kalo anak Latiffah?"

To which, he chuckled.

Then I answered, "A'ah. Memang pun." Then smiled again.

Then he said, "OKlah, RM155 lah."


p/s : my mom's name is not Latifah. :P

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HaNi said...

nice move~