Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My aim for the 1 week holidays this time was 3S - Swimming, Studying and also playing Sims 3.

So far, it is Day 5 of holidays, and all I managed to do was swimming. Haha~ Studying?? Hurm. Like NOT!! Sims 3?? Somehow when the holidays started I just started to get tired of the Sims. Like miraculously. But I started playing other games though, those games from reflexive arcade, downloadable stuff.

Managed to go out and catch the Zahiril Adzim movie 'Karaoke', which was like.. hurm.. in nice words - too artsy for me to understand? No wonder it was only shown for a week in GSC Mid Valley only!! Haha~ Get the 2nd sentence??

I watched it with my friend, A who commented on the movie;

in the first few minutes of the movie, where it was like black for the few minutes with just captions - "Memang terbaik la movie ni!"

in the ending - "Aik dah habis??"

after the movie - "Aku tak paham message yang nak disampaikan"

Well, I don't understand either. That makes the two of us. Or maybe the whole cinema. Which consists of about 2-3 lines of audience la. Haha~

Preferred Gadoh la.

On a different note, the year end sale is here. So many good stuff is on sale, but am not willing to waste my money just yet. The new sem for me starts next week, and JPA allowance will bank in in January, so I still need money for this month. If there's any excess of money, maybe I'll treat myself to a bag or two. Or facial treatment. Or hair cut in the saloon. Well, whatever.

Am currently watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 on Youtube, and got to the final episode already, but couldn't watch it well, always upload halfway, so have to refresh again. Haih. (Padahal dah tau dah sape menang, I wiki-ed the show before I watched it on Youtube. :P)

Anyway, still have a few more days left of the holidays, have to buy orthopaedics books soon, and start packing for the gruesome months ahead, think I'm almost cured of all the moody issues I had earlier, will be fully cured once I meet the besties.. huhu~

Off to wander in the cyberspace again~

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