Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bed 23

Last week was a lot better than the week before. However it started with deaths of 2 of my patients.
I guess one patient had it going for him, he didn't want to eat at all for the past few days of his life. We tried contacting his family members for him, but none showed up, giving the excuse that they are busy working and couldn't take leave. Like WTF right?
He complained of pain everywhere on the day he left, so I attended to him, pushing him to eat and drink and all. Called physician, anaesthetist and so on to help. I went back at 8pm. At 11pm, he collapsed, colleagues on call did CPR 2x, but asystole still.
The next day another patient of mine went away. Had high grade temperature. Probably was septic eversince he was admitted, but I guess we never really knew the extent or severity of it. Started on antibiotics and all the night before. At about 10am, he took the turn for the worse, suddenly collapsing. CPR was done numerous times the whole day, even to the extent of taking the defib machine to get his pulse back. At about 5pm, asystole. Family members started crying all around. There's an extent to the work a doctor does. In the end, God Almighty is the one who calls who gets to go and who gets to stay.
Was in a pretty bad mood the very next day, another patient came in and was placed at that bed as well. Suddenly developed chills and rigors, this time around I sent all septic workout early, monitored temperature and all. Patient became afebrile, and was discharged well 2 days later. Yeay!
All 3 patients were at bed 23.

I guess now I'm getting a little better at dancing to the rhythm of the work I'm doing. You know what to do when certain circumstances come up. When boss is about to get mad at you, just listen and nod. I mean that's what I do.

Will see in a few weeks whether the social life would actually get better. ASTRO haven't been connected yet to the television in my house. My car is not sent yet here. I guess with me driving my car, I would feel a bit more at home, because I love my car. It's like having my family there with me.

Ceh, drama sungguh post-post akhir-akhir ni.

But, yes, I'm still alive. :)


Arifah said...

*hugs* from across the sea.

Hang in there, a light will definitely be there at the end of the tunnel. At least you'll reach the end before I do. Hehe. ;)

We're hanging out with hot buffy males at the moment (ie ortho posting). But wait, I'm taken. Ah well, no harm in 'cucu2 mata' eh? Just don't tell the other half. =P

I'm proud of all my batchmates, incuding you!! You guys are turning out to be awesome doctors~ Wooohoooo~

Ait. Take care farah. =)

FW said...

thanx arifah :)