Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am a very bitter person. I guess I'm one of those who would smile at another person's misery. (I think there must be others like me in the world)

I had an God awful week. Work was hectic, the workload was indescribable because we are left with only 8 people in the ward, there are lots of patient and we have to finish everyone up. I'm in subacute cubicle now, so many patient's so much to do, and I still had to attend main ot, scope room and also clinic. At times I tend to forget one or two details on work I'm supposed to do. I'm still human for God's sakes. I make mistakes.

There are those shit heads out there who actually just go missing in action and dump their workload on others. OMG I just feel like strangling them there and then. The worse part is, the one who gets the blame is actually those who are in there working their ass's off, not those who are MIA. Seriously, these people should just be locked in a chest and dumped off into the deepest part of the ocean.

I'm not coping anymore at work. I'm basicly struggling. From a day to day basis. Everyday is a new challenge. We meet new people, start working with different issues and so on. And for the whole week, I feel so tired.

My new best friend is the pillow. I fell asleep that day while writing a review for a patient, and a colleague woke me up. I guess it's because I was post call.

Oh btw, I had 3 oncalls already. First on call I was so blur. But no one died, and that's what's important.

Second oncall was bliss. I was oncall with 3 other housemens (ward, A&E oncall and OT oncall). One is already an MO now, during that time he was a few days shy of becoming a full fledged MO. Then the other 2 were 4th posters. Why was it a bliss on call? Get this. That night, NO ADMISSIONS AT ALL. Like AT ALL. heee. I slept from 11pm to 5am. Amazing la that oncall.
3rd oncall ada, but I didn't really enjoy it. I don't really despise it too.

I'm very moody because some "dumpers" who dump work at other people. On the way back, I tuned in to the radio, and the song "Bad Day" is heard.


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