Sunday, September 5, 2010

you made me smile faizal :)

I never thought that Faizal Tahir would make me smile.
There were days when I was post call, or had screwed up really bad (or so I thought) and I had to attend to patients in the scope room for OGDS and colonoscopy. I'd be in a really foul mood. Thing is, in the scope room they actually place a radio there for the specialists and nurses to listen to songs.
And at times when I'm really down, suddenly, the song "Hanyut" by Faizal Tahir goes on, and I immediately smile.
Somehow that song calms me down. Maybe it made me remember about the concert that I saw Faizal Tahir in. How I enjoyed it so much. Or maybe it made me remember about how the concert was in KL. And how much I felt at home in KL.
But it's my feel good song now, "Hanyut". :)

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