Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The weather seems to agree with my gloomy mood this evening. As I walked in the rain, with an umbrella in one hand, I looked up above to see grey clouds making their way across the sky. The rain kept on falling, making bigger puddles on the ground, soaking pants walking in them.

Rushing past all the cars, I made my way up to the nursery. Frantically going around, lifting objects, pushing away books at counters, merely so that I could fine the plastic encased blue ipod, to no avail.

I lost it. After almost 3 years with me. RM800 down the drain. Due to my irresponsibility?My forgetfulness? Me going around everywhere with the pager and forgetting items all over the place?

I lost my ipod nano.

I've been thinking about getting an Ipod touch, but this is definitely not the way I want to let go of my previous ipod.

Somehow along the way,just hearing someone ask me softly about how I'm doing comforted me much.

Wow. Such an impact.

My eyes grew larger, and my heart opened up.

Maybe I should head that way instead.

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