Friday, March 16, 2007

The beginning of something new

Finally, after quite sometime I'm back in the cyberworld, blogging. This is my first entry in blogspot, I've decided to leave the blogging world in friendster and go ahead with blogging in sites like this.

My absence in the cyberworld for a brief period before this is due to my professional exams that is required for me to move on to become a 3rd year medical student in July. Thank God, everything went well and I passed!! Basicly this means that I'm half way through the 5 year medical course. Hehe. :)

So, after the professional exams, of course there is the much awaited 6 weeks long holidays that every single one of us 2nd year medical students are anticipating. I have long been wondering what I want to do during my holidays, which would be the longest holidays ever in my 5 years medic course.

The first thing I did was colour my fingernails black with inai provided by Fatah. Haha. I didn't expect it to look that black, (it didn't seem that black on Fatah's nails) so I'm kind of worried now because it might affect my plans for the holidays. I've been hoping to work in Bread Talk or any other bakery because I want to learn to bake. Pastries or cakes, it doesn't matter. I just love cheese cakes. (and also due to Bree and Izzie from Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy who are so-called excellent bakers :P) But it doesn't matter, so I'll be job-hunting during this weekends, and I hope I can get a thousand pocket money before I return to do the research project compulsary for semester 4.

What else am I planning to do?
a) Watch all the movies I've been missing
b) Hang out
c) Sleep
d) Go shopping and get a whole new wardrobe
e) Get some new English novels
f) Get hair treatment :P

But probably the only sure thing that will happen is me getting a tad bit rounder before going back to UPM. :)