Monday, March 19, 2007

AF what??

My family has always been a fan of Akademi Fantasia (AF). I don't really mind watching the cute dudes singing their hearts out but I for one am not a voter. I am just a spectator, watching how these so-called young talents rise.

I've been following the concerts of AF since AF 1 to AF 4, watching the rise and fall of my favorites, always unhappy with the results. And the new AF5, seriously, I watched their first concert last saturday and there is no one that really caught my eye. There are one or two cute ladies, and one dude with a "tak jadik" afro do, but none with a really good voice, unlike the new American Idol, where I saw this one lady called Jordin, her voice is definitely breath taking.

This is one of the cute ladies in AF5, too bad she's already eliminated (btw she's Diya)

This one's cute too

Mr Afro-tak-jadik

yang ni lagi satu eye-candy.. a.k.a Amirul of AF5

Jordin Sparks, American Idol 6 contestant

So this is who I think should win in the past AFs

AF1 : Vince (no doubt la, dah la can sing so well, so good looking, and always putting a twist in his songs.. besides, yang lain2 tu so hampeh)

Bob --> oklah this is not his best picture :P

Kaer -> he looks so young and innocent here heh..

AF2 : Bob (because of his great voice and variety in singing) / Kaer (his voice is great too)

Elliza, eye-candy for AF3

AF3 : anyone else except Mawi or Felix (this AF is so unfair because the actually "serap balik" some students who were rejected from the start)


Amirul.. comei nyer!!! :P

AF4 : Velvet (I think she was one of the greater singers from the start, and Faizal won because his father voted for him --> admitted by his father who actually had to borrow money from some Ah Longs to vote for Faizal, but Amirul was sure an eye-candy :P)

She's hot, she sounds good and she looks great in this type of tudung.. what more do you want?? :P

AF5 : no one really deserves to win the car and the house, but maybe this girl in the tudung (Heliza) has a shot, she's the better of the lot, having the looks, voice and stage presence.. if she doesn't win, maybe the afro dude could win :P

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ayu said...

Mind if i link your blog to mine? I'm ayumin@blogdrive.

Btw, AF5 pretty much sucked lah. In the previous AFs they have at least ONE contestant that stands out in the very first concert. Malas I nak tengok AF, layan American Idol lagi best! Hehe.

Enjoy hols!