Sunday, May 13, 2007

i'm back!!

finally after 6 weeks of holidays, and almost 3 weeks of research going on, i am finally blogging again. Hehe. Actually there's a lot to write about, basicly about what i've been doing during the 6 weeks of holidays and what happen through out the 3 weeks (and counting) of research.

6 weeks of holidays, I've helped around with a cancer screening programme in UPM, I watched movies, spent lotsa money, gained weight, gone back to Kuching for almost 2 weeks and my holidays come to an abrupt stop when i came back to KL and my group and I rushed to finish our proposal. Btw, our group changed our proposal title nearly 6 times. Hehe.. how's that???

Nevermind, as our supervisor said, it's part and parcel of doing a research. At the same time, my group and I have been going around watching movies and eating out at places sambil buat questionnaire and additional literature review.. muahaha.. in the name of work?? or leisure???

wat eva la.. I'm just glad there's no assessment every week like before.. :P


afie911 said...

Hehhe. I feeeeeel you! My proposal lg lah, kene reject ethical board the 1st time. =D

ayu said...

nak ikut u guys makan2! :(