Friday, June 1, 2007

one more month.. to CLINICAL!!

We had recently got the name list on which group we will be divided to during our 3rd year, between Introductory Medicine and Introductory Surgery. All 3rd year students will be attending both, but which one 1st depends on which group you are in. I am in A1, which is designated to be in Medicine 1st.

So I've tried contacting my senior "buddies" on what books to buy, what to expect and basicly how to survive the first few weeks we will be spending in our clinical years. But what really tickles me is a sms from my 4th year buddy (going on to 5th year) about the introductory surgery posting.

"...(edited).. Tp masuk surgical x de ye intern mcm mc steamy ke, derek ke, o malley ke.. Tp perangai mcm karev ada! Ahaks"

Derek Sheperd a.k.a McDreamy

George O'Malley


Hoho.. no grey's anatomy cast huh? Nevermind, I can do with Alex Karev :P

Alex Karev


ayu said...

yang black and buff and super charming like burke takde ke? hehe

Farah Waheeda said...

alamak.. rasenye tak de kot.. :P mane nak carik yang black n buff.. unless mamak la tu pun tak buff huhu.. but you might be lucky :)