Sunday, May 27, 2007

Times change

I used to blog almost every week back then when I'm still using friendster's blogs. I used to blog about every single minute detail of my life, from the guy I liked, my problems, my fears.. my life is basicly examined under the microscope of those who read my blog, which I think was just a handful of readers.

Somehow nowadays I can't seem to blog as before, maybe I just don't know how to start blogging, or I don't know what to write, or because I'm not in a problematic state as I used to be. For your information, I usually blog when I have a clouded mind, when I'm having problems, and especially to inform to my friends indirectly of my problem (well blog doesn't require credit unlike calling on handphones, you don't have to use your energy to explain every single thing, and blogs can be assessed at any time convenient to the reader). Maybe I've learnt to let go of my problems better, or maybe I've became a more carefree person, and learnt that life is not all about ME ME ME. :)

I miss the days where I spent hours reading blogs of others, and planning what to write in my blog and I would look forward to writing another entry for my blog everytime I get on the net. Maybe now I have less time to spent on the net, and maybe I have bigger things on my mind besides blogs like how to finish my research, and be happy with the outcome of the research.

Hehe. How life changes your perspective on what's important for the moment.

I had a chance to go to Melaka wif my hommies Bakyah and Seb yesterday, it was fun. Somehow it reminded me of my life back then in high school where we had loads of fun, and how care free we were, only thinking of having a blast of a time, and planning our next escape plan to spend our time.. studying was the last thing on our mind, unlike now. We've grown up, we've learn how to adapt to the hectic schedule, and we've grown old. Yes, we've grown OLD.

It's actually scary to realise how much responsibility is laid in our hands once we reach the age.

By the way when I was in Melaka, I met a fellow KMPhian, Chip, who was from my very own lecture group. Hehe. It was just great to meet people we know after leaving matriculation for almost 2 years now.

Basicly, I just miss the good ol' days where the only thing I need to think of was where to spend my time. Somehow now I'm planning how to save time from being spent. How times have changed. :)


afie911 said...
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afie911 said...

People change, for better or for worse. We accept their changes because change IS a part of who they are. But then again, it is not really change rather it is a progression or regression from your current state. But inside, you're still you. The essence is the soul and the soul makes up a unique personality. Personality makes you. And you will always be special. =)