Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I like to blog hop. It's fun to read about other people's views on everyday stuff or how they are going through life, it becomes even more interesting if you actually know the person. :D I've read before that what you write in your blog actually reflects who you are. Somehow I think it is true.

I've been reading this blog of a friend of mine, and just after going pass two entries, I get that NARCISSISTIC is written all over the blog. The blog is basicly about her rambling about basicly everything she is mad about, which is basicly everything she face in life. Wow. I think I used to blog that way. Way back when I'm still using friendster blog. Hehe.

All my blog entries were about how I felt about relationships, expressing my so-called suppressed anger in front of people I am mad with in the blog where they could actually read about it on the net... doesn't actually make me the sharpest tool in the shed huh?? Haha.

Maybe as time passes by, I realized it is better to talk things over, even though it might not resolve, at least you've talked about it. It definitely is healthier than keeping it all bucked up inside. Maybe counselling actually does work. But I hate counsellors. Firstly because the counsellor we had back then in my high school SAB is such a tattle tale. When students with problems come to meet her, she actually listens to their problems, try to work things out.. but with an added spice, she tells the student's problems to every single teacher in the school. Damn. Then when I was in matriculation, the counsellor was such a pain in the ass. He speaks with a loud voice, always putting the blame on others, not even listening to what the student has to say, but speeds up the whole thing. Amazing for a person who gets money just to listen huh? Thirdly because one of the guys I've dated before left me to be with a counsellor. Enough said.

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