Monday, August 27, 2007

Now at this very moment..

Now, at this very moment, I realise that

1. The more I read the more that I feel I know nothing.

2. There are other people with problems like mine, just the way they approach it is different.

3. Going to Hospital Serdang is fun when you have great patients to meet.

4. Eating less is actually possible to be done. Haha --> special case for me only laa ..;p

5. I need to read more.

6. There's only about 5 weeks left at his medical posting. Gasp!! (So much to learn so little time!!)

7. Fasting month will start less than 3 weeks more. (Time to diet!!! -- only to eat more during Hari Raya ;p)

8. It's almost 3 years I'm a UPM student, with all the ups and downs I've gone through, there's lots of tears been shed and smiles given but to make it to today, it has been worthwhile. I've grown to be a better person than I was before, and I hope I could mature into a much better one once I step out as a UPM medical doctor hopefully in 2 n half more years to come. InsyaAllah :D

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ayu said...

1. The more I read the more that I feel I know nothing.

I second that!