Wednesday, August 29, 2007

a little dash of SAB

Just felt like blogging after being contacted by my close SAB friend, Bakyah, and reading blogs from people I knew back then in high school. That makes it a dash of SAB. Heheh.

I've been single for almost 6-7 months now, and I know how my close friends are trying to get me to hook up again (probably because I express my anger at them now, instead of THE BF if I had one heheh ;p) but I didn't know it would get into extreme measures. Like my friend Bakyah, suddenly today she sent me an SMS out of the blue saying

" Fad, aku ada tersalah number dengan dis guy, bdk sains sukan U*** . Nak kenal?"

At the point I read the sms, I was like, yo babe, what is this all about? Trying to hook me up with some sport science guy ke Bak?? I know la I have a thing for hunky guys who usually are sportsmen, and the last guy I dated was taking sports science, tapi tak yah la sampai extreme macam ni doh.. tensi je aku. But I get she's trying to make me happy. I guess.

Then I've been reading my senior's blog and some junior's blog, it just seems to me how I've changed the way I blogged ever since I've started blogging in blogspot. Back then when I was still using friendster's blog, I was much, much, much more truthful, more open about issues I was dealing with rather than now, writing careful not to step on egg shells or something. I'll try my best to be truthful, yet at the same time try enhancing my command of english which is definitely deteriorating due to lack of writing in english nowadays.

By the way it is approximately 12.05am on 30th August 2007, a day before Merdeka, and I'm supposed to be half way asleep right now, because tomorrow I'll be going to Hospital Kajang for my medical posting. But somehow, maybe because of the neslo that I just drank about 10.30pm I'm still wide awake typing, and not studying like I intended to. Haha. Just didn't feel like reading that much I guess. But I've got to buck up because I haven't been reading the diseases that I'm supposed to, and all of the reading materials is making a mountain on the table, making me suffocate at the sight of it.

I think I'll be using the few days off due to the Merdeka to catch up on reading, at the same time resting and getting a fresh start when I'm back this coming monday. It has been a great week, being able to present a case to my supervisor, even though I wasn't really prepared, but I received a compliment that I was confident presenting it. (Haha, although the summary was tunggang terbalik just buat muka confident and speak in a confident tone sudah ;p) I'll work harder to present better in the future.

Thinking about it, I haven't really watch any movies ever since Harry Potter a few weeks back. Planning to watch a movie with Bakyah once she's back in KL from Melaka. Kalo tak dapat hangout pun boleh. Need my dose of hommie love, giving me the impression that I am being appreciated. Even though we don't meet everyday, at least i know a part of her beating heart beats remembering about me.(How jiwang was that??;p)

Getting off now. Gotta at least finish reading about my 2 patients in 7A who are having FSGS and HUS/TTP respectively. Those 2 patients make me have the will to go to the hospital at times when some nurse / sister just decides to pick on the medical students on some petty stuff they are not satisfied about, and where they just blow their heads off, screaming so loud that all the patients will wake up from their daily afternoon nap to look at the commotion. It just feels great when people make the effort to appreciate what you are doing, even though just by a simple smile or Hi would do, and it really dampens one's spirit when the first thing we are greeted with in the morning is shoutings and screams of an angry woman.

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