Sunday, November 18, 2007

Greet me

Do I have something written on my face? Like "Greet me" or what so ever. I don't get why people I meet just tends to want to strike a conversation with me this few days.

For instance when I went to the Hospital Kuala Lumpur yesterday for a scrubbing class, which was meant to start at 8.30am (but it actually started at 10am due to the sister eating and other people coming late), when I was walking the usual path I take to go to the wards from the parking space, suddenly out of the blue, the security guard, a Malay pakcik in his late 50s probably just decides to say hi. I was mighty suprised, because I was minding my own business, with my ears listening to my walkman and I was in a pretty bad mood. (If you read my previous entry, I was still in bitchfit mode at that point).

The conversation goes like this

Pakcik : Hai! Kamu bekerja ke hari ni? Saya ingat kamu ni pelajar, rupanya bekerja.

Me : A'ah. Pelajar. Hari ni ada kelas.

Pakcik : Oh. Ok. Sorang je?

Me : Tak. Tengah tunggu member datang ni.

Pakcik : Oklah. Bye!!

And he ended the conversation with this mighty glowing smile. Hehe. Instantly, my bitchfit mode changed to smiley mode. I actually felt better because the pakcik who was a stranger decides to strike a conversation and gave a smile to me.

Then in the Operation theater, we were waiting for the sister or scrub nurse what so ever to finish her breakfast, then proceed to teach us. While we were waiting near the beds, checking out the operation schedule, suddenly this nurse (wearing scrubs but with a blue shower cap) walks beside me and says "Good morning!" (while looking straight at my face).

My friends (those who attended the scrubbing class that day) were suprised too, because she only greeted me. Is it lucky or what?

Then just now, when I was out with my mum, we stopped by some stalls promoting some sort of kitchen equipments and stuff, and I was trying to blend in with the crowd, suddenly one of the promoters just decides to talk to me. It goes like this

Promoter : Hey. Mudanya kamu! Umur brape?

Me : 21.

Promoter : Samalah. Saya pun 21.

Me : (just blinks and tries to stop the conversation from going further --> tired of entertaining people seriously)

She then stares at my face, then clothes, then hair.

Promoter goes on : Rambut kamu.. ada warna ye?

Me : (nodds head)

Promoter : Berapa ye?

Me : Jangan tanye lah (laughs --> sign of trying to make her shut up)

Promoter : Saya pun warna rambut. Highlight la. Dalam rm80. (shows her hair --> which was highlighted in bright pink and orange, trying to follow the Japanese fashion concept I guess)

Me : Owh. (Smiles glumly)

I then looked away. My mum was engaged in a conversation with another promoter, she wanted to buy the microwave oven what-so-ever that the stall was promoting.

Promoter goes on again : Kamu ada kerja?

Me : Tak. Belajar lagi.

Promoter : Belajar? Tak mahu kerja ke?

Me : Habis belajar dulu lah.

Promoter : Owh. Brapa lame lagi mau habis?

Me : Dalam 2 tahun setengah lagi.

Promoter : Lamanya!! Nanti terus kerja la ye?

Me : A'ah. Mungkin sambung belajar lagi.

Promoter : Belajar lagi? Tak mau kerja ye?

Me : (smiles again. thinking when this pep talk is going to end)

Promoter : Kamu ada masak?

Me : (shakes head. actually I can cook but I knew it is going to make the conversation go on)

Promoter : Selalu makan di luar la?

Me : (nodds head)

Promoter : Owh. Tak bagus la. Nanti tak dapat vitamin tau.

Me : (smiles again)

Then I took out my handphone, to top up (before that I got the card, tapi belum top up yet), and then I smssed someone.

Promoter : Cantik nye handphone (upon seeing the handphone)

Me : (smiles)

Promoter : Balas sms boyfriend ye?

Me : Taklah. Tak de boyfriend.

Promoter : (laughs) Boleh saya tengok?

She begins looking at the pictures in the handphone, and checking out the music and all. Adalah gambar2 dalam OT, taken before (us in scrubs and all)

Promoter : Kamu belajar di hospital ye?

Me : (nodds head)

Promoter : Handphone ni bagus la. Bagi saya?

Me : (freaking hell no. but smiles anyway)

Promoter : Kamu takut darah tak?

Me : Dah biasa tengok dah.

Promoter : (smiles) Kamu percaya tak saya dah ada baby?

She is freakingly thin, but I kinda believe it.

Me : (nodds head)

Promoter : Memang saya ada. Umur die 9 bulan. Tapi dia duduk di perak.

Me : Siapa jaga? Mak mertua? Mak?

Promoter : Mak. Nanti die dalam umur 2, 3 tahun, boleh la tinggal di sini.

Me : Owh. Suami kerja mana?

Promoter : Danau kota.

Me : Owh.

Then my mum bought the microwave oven (finally), and I can get away from that promoter.

Does my face have "greet me" written on my forehead or something?

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hani said...

GOD KNOWS BEST laling..!!
Even if u're so cling to the bitchmode, He is juz so close to u, for u to turn to Him n cheer urself..i dun really knw what's on ur mind that day, but it's like He 's showing u that things r not as what u think of..

no problem..