Friday, January 25, 2008


Well. The title of the blog states it all. Holiday babe. For 3 whole weeks. Three whole weeks without ever having to wake up early and sleep early to regain energy. Three whole weeks without ever smelling the vomit or urine of others. Three whole weeks without ever having to wear the white coat. You get the picture.

It has been a rough ride for most of the people in my batch, those who got through was due to the luck factor (well that's what i think in my case) or maybe they were that damn good (like MJ getting claps from the head of nephrology unit of Serdang Hospital.. mantap seh.. gua tabik spring kat lu!!) , and those who didn't weren't stupid, they studied.. hard.. but maybe the luck factor was less in them. This doesn't make them any less competent of a medical student. My heart goes out for them. If I didn't get the cases I did, I wouldn't be babbling about this here anyway.

Well, I just hope I could enjoy the holidays, go places.. and maybe lose weight (the ones that I gained during the study week period, huhu.. and it's a whole lot!)



nurul said...

congratulations sweetheart n to all d docs-to-b who passed :)

u go guys

ps: hav fun

ayu said...

congrats babe!
singapore on the 18th! can't wait! :)))))))))))))))

muhammad edwan shaharir said...

eh i didnt know u linked me. will link u back n visit often nowww..