Friday, January 11, 2008

my infamous last words before exams.. :D

It's a new year. One more week to the professional exam II. TAKOTTT!!! huhu.. nervous.. blur.. sume ada.. kadang-kadang dapat rasa epigastric pain time makan.. stress ulcer?? gastritis?? huhu.. mcm2 ada beb.. it's during this time when you know you really have to study your mind starts wandering... where to go during the holidays? where is the new place to eat in town? what is the new movie now in the cinema?? typical emotions when exams are around the corner.

I wanted to do a list writing bout my past year, but I'll blog bout it later after the exams, hopefully everything goes on well. InsyaAllah.. :D

And during the last few days before the exam, banyak pulak lecturer nak bagi last minute tips bla3X... mr kwan la.. mr yap yy la.. mr gee la... mcm2 diorang nak cakap.. tapi mr yap tu paling best la.. mcm rasa dalam kem motivasi.. tapi more like motivasi for 2 hours in the lecture hall?? hehehe.. but it's great. no wonder he was one of the best medical students back then in USM (so someone said la..) :D

I'm blogging now sebab dari tadi dok tengok buku, but satu hapa pun tak masuk otak seh. Better relaxkan otak.. like a friend of mine once said "tidur la kejap. Otak tu dah penat pikir. Biarlah die rehat"... helloo friend.. kalo otak tu rehat, of course la kite ni dalam coma skrang ni tau!!.. Because we voluntary thinking and doing some of the actions, but mostly our subconcious mind is maintaining our state of equilibrium all the time.. even when we sleep!! medical talk again.. heheheh

That day I went to matrix pahang, my old matrix to give some motivation to the students there bla3x. I think i need motivation more actually hehe. Tapi what one of the students said really touched me. She has psoriasis, recently diagnosed about a month ago, baru start amik prednisolone bla3x.. so she became so depressed, when things don't go her way she start blaming it on the disease, and she started to say stuff like "how long am i going to live?" and so on and so forth. So i listened to what she has to say, she has psoriasis but most importantly, it is mild, and she has a bad case of depression (or so i think ;p) Jadi lepas dgr what she has to say, and after all the commotion with her questions about how long will her life span be.. i just told her this "u know. the important thing is you're alive, you're well, your heart is still beating, you're not peeing into a bag, you're not bedridden.. that is what matters. this psoriasis, you can fight it. it doesn't mean it's the end of the world. " then she said this "akak.. ni kali pertama saya rasa gembira sikit lepas tau saya dapat psoriasis. saya rasa akak ni memang sesuai betul jadi doktor"

OH MY GOD!! dgr die cakap macam tu.. i felt like crying!!!! huhuhuhuhu. tak sangka what i said actually touched her heart!!! especially when she kept on talking about dying and stuff. Makes me really want to be a doctor right now. That motivated me a lot. hehe.

Banyak lagi nak di blogkan sebenarnya... but i'll blog all about it later on after the exams. Skrang top priority study. Few days more, kenala struggle sampai ke titisan darah terakhir.. hehehe.. betul tak?? ;p

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