Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Panic attack

I woke up to a call from a lecturer.

"We'll be doing another exam since so many of you didn't get through the last time. The exam would be today."

What the f---? Another exam? I was just starting to enjoy my holidays!!

I rushed to Hospital Kuala Lumpur, arrived around 10.30am, and most of my coursemates were already there. Amazingly, even those who were out of KL arrived there before me.

A namelist was pasted at the door of the quarantine room, stating what time our exams starts. Mine was at 3pm. So I had to wait for almost 4 and a half hours? Insane!!! I'll go crazy by then!

As I waited, they told us what cases we would get, I got exactly the opposite of the cases I got in the previous exams, my long case was to be surgery, while my two short cases from medicine.

I started to get panicky, I wasn't really good in medicine short cases. Then I decided to practice during whatever time I had left on the short cases. As I fumbled around looking for my tools ( pen torch, cotton, orange stick, tongue depressor and so on and so forth) I realized that my stethescope and the rest of my tools were missing. Damn, is this for real??

I got really freaked out, and then I remembered borrowing my tools set to one of my guy coursemates, so I called him up asking for my tools. He told me his turn was before mine, so he would send me my tools before my turn at 3pm. But I didn't lend out my stethescope, therefore it really is missing. I got panicky again, then I asked another one of coursemates in the room to lend me their stethescope for my turn. Amazingly, one of them agreed.

Then the awaited time came. 3pm. I was starting to sweat. I stood up, ready to leave the quarantine room as I saw one of the office staff coming to call my name. I followed her to the doors of the ward, when suddenly she turned and stopped me from entering.

I was like, aren't you going to let me in?

She looked at me and said "Where's your white coat?"

I looked down at my clothes and realized I wasn't wearing my white coat.

Why am I so not prepared for this exam this time? I freaked out and started to scream on top of my lungs.

Suddenly I woke up, and realized that I am on my bed, in my room. I felt palpitations, and a slight chest pain, of pressure in nature. Then I understood how people could have a heart attack in their sleep.


yaya said...


jumpa kat sini pulak. miss u babe!

ayu said...

are you crazy i dont wanna go thru the exams all over againnnnn aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa