Monday, February 11, 2008

The boyfriend who could have been

This is stale news. But I'm going to blog about it anyway. Heath Ledger died. I first knew about it when I just reached home on the day the results were announced.

My brother asked me casually,"Did you know that Heath Ledger killed himself? Overdose they said"

What the f-? Don't spoil my happy day with this sort of crap news you made up. That's what I told him. Well, he always makes up crappy stuff to see my reaction. Before this, when he saw the third LOTR: The Return Of The King, he told me that Legolas died. I haven't watched it that time. I was pretty sad, I was a major fan of Orlando Bloom, elves and LOTR at that point. Then it turned out to be a joke. He laughed his head of watching my face change to the sound of that news.

Unfortunately this time it turned out to be true. Exactly at the point that my brother finished his question, the television was on, we were tuning to E! Channel, and they were showing Heath Ledger's photos, and I can hear Guliana Rancic actually saying something about "Heath's last words before death.. bla3X"

At that point my heart actually sank. Heath Ledger?? He died?? He was so young! Only 28! He was one of the aspiring actors, the most promising ones! He could have been the next Johnny Depp! But we would never know now would we? He's gone for good. Left behind his only daughter, Matilda (maybe he named her that popular name after the song "Waltzing Matilda" which is popular in Australia -- Heath is an Australian by the way) and his fiancee (or was it ex-fiancee) Michelle Williams. He met Michelle during the filming of 'Brokeback Mountain', famous for the gay scenes between him and Jake Gyllenhaal (did I spell that right?).

Heath and Jake in Brokeback Mountain

Heath and Michelle

Why did I feel so sad? Basicly because I liked Heath. I enjoyed his acting. It touched my heart. He probably touched millions of hearts like mine. I first saw him in "10 things I hate about you" when he was 20 years old, acting along side an already well-known actress Julia Stiles. I remembered the scene where he wanted to court Julia Stiles again, he sang the song "Can't take my eyes off you" at the school field, while Julia Stiles was playing football. (Please see clip below)

At that point, we couldn't really see his skills of acting, just his good-looks, and his hunky bod ;P.
The he went on to star in "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson, "A Knight's Tale" and so on.

Heath with Kate Hudson in The Patriot

Heath in The Patriot

Heath in "A Knight's Tale"

I liked him a lot in Casanova. Who would have forgotten him in that movie? His words flow out of his mouth like water flowing in a stream. I would forever remember the words he told to the soon-to-be Casanova

"If you want to be loved, make yourself worth loving. Be the flame, not the moth"

Heath as Giacomo Casanova in Casanova

Heath in another scene in Casanova

I know these words are written by the scriptwriters of the film Casanova, but never-the-less, it might sound different if a different actor was acting in his place right?

He's like the kind of boyfriend I've always wanted. The bad boy look and all. He's the boyfriend who could have been. :P Haha.

Heath with his daughter, Matilda Rose

I wonder how little Matilda is going to grow up without a father. And to understand later on in life that Heath passed away due to overdose of prescription drugs? But Michelle Williams came out with a statement that Matilda would be brought up with the best thoughts of Heath. I wonder what Matilda would think when she see her father in Brokeback Mountain. The movie is so damn popular that people in America actually says the term "going Brokeback" when mentioning guys who are gay.

Whatever it is, Heath Ledger, you touched my heart with your acting, I hope you are resting in peace right now. Will miss your acting. Always

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