Friday, March 28, 2008

Bloghopping wham!

I enjoy bloghopping. I usually just type out some words in the blog search directory, and miraculously great blogs appear. Which some I continue following to read until today. So today, I decided to type in these words "UPM medical orientation" in the google blog search.

Search result? Jackpot.

"Orientation vs Ragging"

Hurm. The entry was written by someone on 17th July 2006. That was when I am in 2nd year. And from the way the entry was written, obviously the blogger is a medical student.

Thinking about it, the entry said that the seniors (obviously the 2nd years during that time a.k.a us -- if the blogger really is a medical student) taped them during dancing, and wanted to put it up on internet? Hell wtf? I never heard about that before. Some of us took the photos of the juniors dancing during the so-called "Medic Idol" at the end of the week for the video presentation on the "Medic Night". Nothing embarassing though, I thought the juniors danced pretty well.

And the worst thing still, the blogger said that "girl seniors" ragged them pretty badly. (Siap say something about KMR lagi -.- ) Hurm. I don't know what pretty badly is. Our batch did not ask them to dance on the table in front of public while everyone is watching right? Neither did we put toothpaste all over their face, or scare the shit out of them at the anatomy dissection hall by asking them to hook out freshly dissected corpses in formalin tanks. I don't get it.

Somehow in the blog the blogger said that the "orientation problem" was raised until the pegawai tadbir in the medical faculty got to know about it, and decided to go against the seniors. Hurmh. I'm not really sure to be really pissed off, or really scared or what with that blog entry criticizing the medical faculty of UPM, especially the "soon to be doctors" as quoted in the blog.

Isn't it usual that everywhere that you go there will be some sore-ass-losers-yang-pernah-kena-rag people who will make life hard for you in the first few weeks that you exist at the new place?

Of course I'm not supporting ragging per se. I'm just saying that I don't consider whatever the 2nd years did to orientate is bad enough to be called ragging. Maybe on the first day when all the seniors came down (those not in 2nd year la.. those clinical seniors), they may have been verbally harsh on the juniors. But what is that compared to the shit that you will face in the hospital later on during the clinical life, or most importantly your whole freaking medical life?

I got really bad ragging during my first year. What is worse than having to sing out loud "E.coli UU.. UU" in front of a dewan filled with seniors from 2nd year to 5th year? Man, my face must be ultimately 6 inch thick like the subway sandwich length. But then I just sucked it all up. Because I am a mere junior. A freakingly 1st year junior who has no say what so ever until we finish our first year in the faculty. (Of course I was cursing my heart out, but no one did hear me did they?) Hell, I'm still alive today, I'm still walking, eating rice, and breathing air. Although my ego really did get flushed down the toilet during the "E.coli" chants, hell, I don't freakingly care. (Well, maybe a tad bit whenever we mention about gram negative bacterias, and everyone will be smiling looking at me because E.Coli infection is so freakingly common)

But if you read the blog entry closely, it said something about the "Indian community". Did any of our Indian peers treat the juniors that badly? Or was it any of us? *gasp*

Whatever it is, I still look forward to orientations every year. :D Nanti ada pulak blog entry naik pasal sorang senior perempuan melayu yang ragging junior 1st year until the junior lompat dari tingkat 4 hostel. I wish. I'm not that scary enough. Maybe if I put my hair down and do "The Ring" impersonation of the ghost coming out of the television maybe I'd make the juniors scared a bit. Or maybe be the next laughing stock for the years to come. :P

The Ring

Me going out of tv anytime soon? :P

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ayu said...

uni orientation was NOTHING compared to 5 years of boarding school. :P that being said, had my BEST years there and i did not complain.

the orientation thingy was almost 2 years ago, i guess the juniors who complained must feel silly now if they ever remember what they'd done back then.

perhaps we should ask diymitra for a clearer picture of the story, no?