Friday, March 14, 2008

Goodbye ENT, hello Opthalmology

3 weeks have passed by, and it's already the end of my ENT posting. Next week on monday, I'll be starting my Opthalmology posting. Man, how time flies!! I don't really know what I've been doing the past 3 weeks, I think most of it is sleeping I guess. I don't really know what I know and don't know about the subject --> which is a really bad sign. *sigh* I guess the extra time during Opthalmology will be spent covering the mess I did during ENT. Maybe I played around too much.

Like this week.

On Wednesday, I went to Gardens to get the Sunburst ticket. Then the very next day, I went over to Sunway Pyramid for a movie, and at night went to Pavillion to dine at Tony Roma's. (our class finished at noon by the way) I went to two different malls, at two different ends of Kuala Lumpur in one day!! How absurd is that?? And of course, today, Friday, I went back early, and did not attend to my clinic. *head hangs low in shame*

And I won't be feeling any better tomorrow, because I'll be joining a friend to watch Sunburst Concert in Bukit Kiara. I haven't even finished my case write up which is to be handed in on Monday, and the library book I borrowed was due on Wednesday. *sigh*

This feeling that I have right now.. it's the guilty conscience. Of not studying enough. My finals are in May (i think?) Have to study from now to enjoy another (much awaited) month of holidays!

Hurm. I guess I would be opening the Opthalmology book on Sunday then, to satisfy my guilty conscience, and hopefully feel more ready to face the new posting.

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