Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunburst 08' Part I

Hehe. Sunburst was worth every cent of its ticket. Seriously! Gempak gile. I went there, not knowing what to expect , but I came back with so much more :D Memories, a t-shirt, badges, stickers, devil's red horn (haha.. lawak gile yang ni). But all in all, it was freakingly fun. I was looking forward to most of the local acts actually, like Pop Shuvit, Gerhana Skacinta, One Buck Short, Bitter Sweet, Estranged bla3X and at the same time would like to see the whole hype about John Legend, Incubus and to know more about singers like Atilia, Reza Salleh, Najwa and so on and so forth.

I'm too tired to blog about the whole Sunburst experience, so I'll let the pictures tell it all aite (as always :P I'm very lazy)

This is me before going for the Sunburst :D

I drove to college, then me and Ayu drove to the Sunburst site at Bukit Kiara at around 2.00, so we reached there around 3-ish :D

This is Najwa Mahaiddin. She was one of the first few acts to perform. I kinda pity her though, because she has to perform so much earlier, not many people arrived yet. But her voice is freakingly good. Kalah la sume calon Akademi Fantasia or One In A Million yang baru nih. :D
She's trying to keep the crowd going in this picture.

After watching Najwa for a while, we went over to another stage to watch Gerhana Ska Cinta. Dah masuk main stream, so their performance of course la best. :D Most of the crowd who came went here too.

Check this guy out.
Best gile keja die. I would also like to do his job. Can watch the concert and get money at the same time "promoting" goods from the Planet Hollywood stall? Cool gile beb.

This super big poster was put up between the two main stages. I love KL becoz... I practically live in KL all my life, all the necessities and fun are here, what more can I ask? Or basicly, I love KL becoz KL BEST :P cliche....

Then we head on to the Era.fm stage, where this hot, petite chick called Atilia was singing. Has a very good voice. Jazzy feel. The type of songs you would listen when chilling out with your friends at Starbucks or something. :D

Next we saw Gigi. Experienced band, so showmanship was great. Tapi cakap tak tapis seh die. At one point the vocalist actually said something like this to someone in the audience, "Apa kau tengok-tengok? Mau telur aku ka?" Haha.

Next, our very own Pop Shuvit performed. Unfortunately, after a few minutes they started playing, rain fell.. heavily. Of course la those people who brought their umbrellas could still enjoy the show, but I ran off to get under the shade. Hoho. Sorry Pop Shuvit. :P Tapi the vocalist serious cool gile. To show his support to the audience who was still there watching them perform although it was raining heavily, he sang under the rain. Cool wei, wa respect lu :P

This is the vocalist of Pop Shuvit by the way :D

The rain started to get worse. To this extent. Baju basah kuyup habis. Coincidentally, "Hujan" started to perform.

This is Noh from "Hujan". Suara bagus, tapi showmanship masih kureng beb. Maybe more shows would do them good.

Quote from Noh. "Kami memakai pakaian adidas hari ni, jadi ingin mengucapkan... terima kasih das!"

WTF? Lawak.

This is Raol. Or something like that. A dude from America (don't remember exactly where), visually challenged, but has a great voice, belting out croons using only his voice and strumming from his guitar.

Then it was time for the One Buck Short to perform. Everything was a surreal blur. Like the picture above seriously. Tapi I like their songs la. One of the guitar players, gile high, going jumping around, spinning and all.. wei, budget ko tu Pete Wents of Fall Out Boy ke?

The vocalist and one of the guitar players of One Buck Short

The "high" guitarist. In the end guitar die rosak and he just went around jumping, retarded looking. But in the process of that, he looked kinda cute. :P

There's more to talk about Sunburst, I'll continue in the next blog post. Tired la skrang. Nak tido. :D


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