Sunday, March 9, 2008

The results

I'm talking about the general election of course. Although I tried to stay up in front of the television tuning in to the results, but eventually I fell asleep (which is my favorite hobby - sleeping in front of the television) *chuckles*, and this morning as I woke up, I immediately tuned in to the television. I was freakingly sure there will be some "Post-election Analysis".

The results were somewhat... different.. from the previous years. Hehe. BN won as always, but they didn't get the 2/3 majority at the Dewan Rakyat. What amazed me was some of the results.

Nurul Izzah from PKR won the Lembah Pantai seat from Datuk Shahrizat from BN. (I was really surprised, I thought that Shahrizat would actually maintain the seat.) Hehe.

Samy Vellu lost his seat at Sungai Siput to another dude (I don't remember his name). Like finally? And every telly are showing captions like this "Legasi Samy Vellu berakhir" bla3x. Haha. Too much tolls got to you maybe huh, dear ol Sammy?

That Zainuddin Maidin dude lost his seat (to I don't remember who as well), but I remembered Zainuddin Maidin saying that people who blog are housewives, and those who has too much of time, and apparently are stupid. *raises eyebrow* I wouldn't forget the incident where he shouted to the Al Jazeera people on the phone (the interview was on the "Bersih" incident, where people wore yellow, marching towards the royal castle, to ask the King to give a clean election this year), not answering the freaking interview question, but getting mad at the interviewer who mistakenly pushed his "mad" button. Haha.

DAP got the whole Penang. The ex-menteri besar Koh Tsu Koon lost to a DAP Prof (don't remember name as well). Actually, kinda pity this Koh Tsu Koon guy, he did a lot for Penang, and I heard he's actually kinda nice. (Politician = nice? haha.. bukan the throw away all their virtues out the window once the want to be a politician? U tell me ;p)

Apparently the Parti Pembangkang (or the pakatan pembangkang) won a few states (as in they won almost all the places in the states) such as Kelantan, Penang, Perak, Kedah and Selangor. (If I'm not wrong)

Khairy Jamaludin won his seat in Rembau. (*sigh* say wat? Pas tu nak wat hospital costing rm11million in Rembau plak tu.. adoi.. cube tingkatkan the facilities in HKL ke or something, padahal HKL is the centre of referral, if we had more equipments it would be so much better)

Well, I would end the post by quoting V for Vendetta,

"The people should not be afraid of the government,
The government should be afraid of the people"

I am not pro-pembangkang or anti-bn in any sort of way ok, if I did have the chance to vote this year, I would vote for the party or the person (in the area that I am supposed to be voting) that would benefit me most. :D
p/s : would I see the price of petrol go down anytime soon? :P

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