Saturday, March 8, 2008


So many things I want. But so little money to spend. :( even the taxpayer's money that the government is providing us sometimes seems so little. But I still have money in my Bank Islam account to support my life until the holidays (in June by the way, then I can welcome the new first years with "open hands". *evil grin*). Hehe.

What I want now is this. The new slim Sony Playstation Portable.

But I'd prefer it in these colours.

Metallic Blue

Deep red

Especially the deep red one la. So that can match my sony ericson handphone.

Banyak cantik kan my face? I'm not even earning nak mintak macam-macam. Huhu. (The cheapest price I could find for the package I want is RM800 by the way :p)

Besides that I also want this book.

Grotesque, by Natsuo Kirino

I've read this author's book "Out" before, and I think the story is nicely woven, showing how desperate the housewives were to do what they did. Pretty depressing story actually, but I kinda like the "unhappily ever after" ending she does? Hehe. So the book "Grotesque" is about two high profile prostitutes who got killed in Tokyo. And the authorities were trying to find out about why they got killed. Sounds interesting huh? Maybe to me ;p.

By they way, today is the election day. I'm not voting because I registered too late. (Hello, my birthday was at the end of the year ok! And they don't accept those registering after 1st Jan 2008 to vote this year.) Shucks.. Nak vote!!! Well, have to wait for 4 years more to do this. :( I think everyone who can vote should use their right to make a difference. Choose who you want to be our leaders, determine how you want the government to be. (Despite sometimes how biased things may be*sigh*, wondering when we will ever get a fair fight).

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