Saturday, April 26, 2008

About relationships

I don't get it. I started to think this way the minute I saw Khai and Rosma from AF1 "bersanding" on the stage in Konsert Akademi Fantasia 6. (due to my dad being peminat-kipas-susah-mati AF, forcing the whole family to tune in to Astro Ria every weekend without fail at 9pm) The last time I checked, when Khai went to the academy (or so-called academy), he had a girlfriend (Zarina). By the time he left, he had another soon-to-be girlfriend (Rosma), and dumped the older girlfriend. And now they are married!!!! *gasp*

It's not that I hate people being happy per se, (congratulations to Khai and Rosma if they ever did read this) it's just that I believe in karma. And Khai dumped his old girlfriend for Rosma. Kirenye Rosma is like the third party. And I thought people who became the cause of the break up, or the third party will never get the guy. But apparently it isn't true.

Even my friend who is currently single and searching for a bf said to me once "I know this is really bad of me to think this way. But if someday on, I can't find a single guy that I like, and the guy I like happens to already have a gf, I would still court the guy until he becomes mine. I know this is very selfish of me, but sometimes, we have to think about ourselves first right? I don't mind becoming the third party in the end."

Listening to her say that, I was pretty shocked. I mean, back then in high school tu, lain la kire, flirting around with people like it's nobody's business. But to break up a relationship, especially now when we know better, that is so wrong!!! I mean imagine you are the current girlfriend, and here comes some bitch who flirts with ur bf, and eventually your bf leaves you for her, and in the end they get married. Damn!!!!!

Mana boleh macam ni? I mean, like I said, I believe in karma. If you break up a person's relationship, some day, when you have something you really want, God will take it away from you too. Life is a vicious cycle after all.

That's why I don't really like people who give hope when they isn't any. Because you are going to hurt the person who is hopeful that eventually there will be a relationship. And maybe someday you are going to be in that situation too.

But I guess, maybe if I am in that situation, and the guy I really like happens to be someone else's boyfriend, for now, I would still not try to be the third person. I've experienced karma before. And I was hurt real bad. That's why I'm trying not to treat others the way I don't want to be treated.

But then again, what the future holds for us, we never know right? Maybe I might change my mind about the statement I mentioned in this blog entry. Maybe I'll be the bitch who breaks up a relationship because I want the guy so much. Maybe.


HaNi said...

urghh~~ hate those 3rd party girls... can't help it-- lady instinct

but it's true, if i really like a guy i won't back off either...
maybe i still have the chances
and if the current gf is soo nice and ur bf is so loyal he won't come to me..
who fault is that..

after all..jodoh is not our job, kita usaha-- Dia tentukan

Matematis Muda said...

bergantung kepada cara dia dapatkan
perempuan yg di dump tu cmne plak

sebab tula
islam tak benarkan pergaulan tanpa batas antara laki perempuan

Islam itu indah