Sunday, April 27, 2008

I feel that way too

Sometimes it does get lonely.

Especially when you have thoughts that bother you, and you don't feel like talking to your coursemates because it may be involving them, and you know how good news spread fast, and bad news or bad talk in that sense spread faster.

And you don't want to bother your friends elsewhere who you know have their own lives to think about.

And there are some issues you just don't feel is appropriate to share with your family.

Yes, it does get lonely at times. It gets lonely when the handphone doesn't buzz with messages, when nobody ym's when you're online, when there are no new emails asking how you are doing, or when you see other people walking in pairs of different genders.

And it gets more lonely when you are thinking this way, and a song depicting loneliness is being played, and you wonder when will you not feel like this anymore.

Until then, you just close your eyes and agree with Akon as he sings the song "Lonely". Yes, I am Miss Lonely tonight, at this very moment.


Anonymous said...
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HaNi said...

understand it completely...