Monday, May 12, 2008

The lesser of both evils

There are a lot of hard things to do. For me, one of the hardest of them all is telling a person that you know, an acquantaince about what their flaws are. (As if you are that perfect?) But their flaws are so freakingly obvious, and they are doing it more and more day by day.

Are you supposed to see themselves set their bodies on fire and watch it burn, or help to splash water on the fire? It always makes it hard to tell people what you think they are doing wrong, when we ourselves are not fallen angels from heaven as well.

The other hard thing to do is watching your friends or someone you know do something so wrong, and you do absolutely nothing to help them out and act as if you don't know anything about doing it as well.

So which one is the lesser of both evils?

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