Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kolejku : K17

I just got back from driving from my home in Taman Melawati to my college in UPM, K17. I love driving. It is during this half hour or 45 minute drive that clears my mind and ables me to think. By the time I reach my destination, I usually have a new goal for the day. Or somewhat like that.

I remembered once my friend was sending me back to my college, but he used the old road (have to pass by the other UPM colleges and MARDI unlike using the highway which I usually do, passing by Hospital Serdang).

At that point, because the road was not properly lit, everything seems dark. Except for my college which was well-lit, at the end of the road.

The my friend said "Eh eh, ada bandar kecik la kat sini! Cantiknya!"

Of course la I was freakingly proud at that time. So I smiled like :D widely.

"Tu bukan bandar kecik. That is my college" I answered.

"Owh." My friend said. :P *blonde moment*

This is the best picture of my college yet.


HaNi said...

kite akan pindah ke kg.bharu..huhu no more daily update blogging huhu

Farah Waheeda said...

alaaaaaa T_T

L_SH_N_ said...

oooo..."pretty town"...

Niss Si Gadis Salsa said...

cantik! :D