Saturday, May 3, 2008

What am I supposed to answer?

This is a sequel to the Dermatology posting. Someone was talking about the races in Malaysia yadda yadda yadda. Then suddenly the statement about how the Malays are so freaking lazy came up. (general statement)

Of course la at that point things started to get heaty in the room and everyone else (besides the person who made the statement) became uncomfortable.

Then the climax of the uncomfortable-ness came.

Of all the people, she had to look at me, straight in the eye, and say "Kamu tak malu ke jadi orang melayu?"

What was I supposed to answer?

"Ya saya malu."

"Hell, I'm only quarter Malay why should I care"

"Why does it matter to you what I think?"

And another gazillion other answers that I could think of at that moment but I didn't say it out loud.

Obviously my friends noticed that my face started to change.

She asked me again "Kamu tak malu ke jadi orang melayu?" This time with an additional nod of the head.

I kept quiet again. I didn't want to say something I would regret later, making me be the target student during this posting.

"Kamu tak malu ke jadi orang melayu?" she asked the third time, this time actually showing her hand in front of my face.

This time, the temptation was so hard, I couldn't resist. I answered back.

"I believe there are malays out there who are willing to work hard enough to get what they want."

Not really answering the question, but, what am I supposed to answer??

"Oh really? Tak ramai pun" She answered. Or some sort of answer like that. I couldn't really remember. I was pretty amazed with myself actually answering her statement at that point.

Then I couldn't resist the temptation and started to answer again.

"There are a new generation of Malays out there you know"

Then she laughed at my answer. Half of the people there clapped, another half smiled, another quarter or whatever that's left laughed too - half-heartedly.

In the bus, what I did became the subject of talk. Who dares talk back to her?

The next day apparently, the issue has not rest as well.

And it is evident that she still remembers me, my statement and all.

Am I making my life harder for the next week? T_T

p/s : I know people always say that Malays are malas and all, but there are a new generation of Malays out there who are motivated enough to work hard and be who they want to be and achieve what they want in real life. Of course I admit the number is small, but they do make a difference. Because a change is still a change, no matter how big, no matter how small or subtle they are. And hopefully, this motivated Malays will be a reminder to the other playful ones to be a bit more serious and motivated. Hopefully.

p/s2 : That's why guys who have the motivation to be better turns me on. Especially if they are Malays.


alif zai mim ra said...

slm farah. i'm proud to be a Malay. we all should be proud of what we are and where we come from. no matter what colour or origin we are. n we must be proud to practice our adat n adab. thr's nothing to be ashamed of. if ppl laugh at us, it's because they don't understand us or they hv misunderstood us. n it's up to us to help them to understand who the real Malay is and the most important is what religion we are. it's all up to our belief n practice. =)

Farah Waheeda said...

alif zai mim ra : i'm not ashamed. (that's what i thought in my head but i didn't answer that way did i? -- thinking and actually saying it is two different things)

i answered back saying that there are malays out there who are willing to work hard enough to get what they want.

obviously you and i would be those malays, a reminder to the other people of our race to work hard, true? :P