Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prokhim Rembau 2008 Part 3 : Final Entry

*I'm sure everyone is tired about reading about this Prokhim Rembau thing, I promise you this would be the last entry about it.. ever?? (hope so :P)

Thank God everything is over now, the programme was done pretty successfully I must say despite some of the shortcomings. (Success defined by the comments of the penduduk kampung of Rembau)

Malam Kebudayaan - after everything is done

Although tiring, it definitely was an eye-opener to see the health conditions in the kampung. Besides that, the penduduk kampung's hospitality treatment was definitely awesome! I absolutely enjoyed my stay there.

My host family (Pakcik Shaari and Makcik Baiya),
far end is my course mate come sister angkat - Hafizah

The penduduk kampung's mentality was also a tad bit different, they are more trusting, and more willing to help us.

With the caklempong performers

It was a great opportunity to see people other than the most of the regular, typical KL stereotypes - less trusting, unfriendly, easily irritable and so on. Maybe with this programme, us medical students will be more prepared to be a more whole doctor soon, not only to be able to cater to those in the urban or sub-urban areas, but definitely the rural areas as well.

The rest are pictures taken throughout the Prokhim, randomly.

Me looking at the person supposed to take pictures of me but taking pictures of himself instead (typical!)

The PIC.

These people - caught in action. CURIK BISCUIT!! (actually all of them were hungry, we didn't have any food from 8 - 1pm .. ROARRRR...!!.. plus the biscuits were actually for the students, but since a number were absent from one of the schools, there were plenty for us to munch on :P so you can practically see the medical students munching while doing the LDK. what a sight :D)

Main mode of transport

Munie and me - mirror image. I really admire this girl, talking on the phone and can still pose for the camera. Gile camwhore maestro. Wa tabik lu!

Ni camwhore - mutation at face only :P

Blow up a yellow balloon, write down "I'm a Hot Dog" on it, and there will be smiles all over.

My personal photographer, Uya - she's the only one among us talented enough to take any jump pictures.

Among Uya's work

Mr. Rapper Wannabe and me

Everyone was posing for the camera, when someone accidentally falls down. This is how it looks like. (The person falling is Chin Yang by the way)

I took this picture :D (Looking towards the light)

Prasath as wallpaper :P

Lots of water works going on

The boy who sat on the rock

Goodbye Rembau! :P

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