Sunday, June 29, 2008

Public transport

Ever since the famous increase in the petrol price, I've become a public transport user, basicly using Putra LRT and the Komuter.

Met lots of people through this process.

Like that day, I was waiting for the komuter in Mid Valley station (and so were thirty other people). At the site of the komuter, everyone rushed to the front. I was already waiting near the yellow line (those who actually use the komuter would understand what I meant). Then there was this group of 5, 6 Malay girls, seriously pushing me from the back just so that they would be able to get into the komuter. They were from one group, basicly telling each other "Tolak je.. tolak je!!!"

Hey, bitches, there are actually people who come earlier than you, you know!! Rasa cam nak sepak je satu-satu kat landasan so that they kena hit dengan komuter. Hish.

Fine la. Then there was two girls standing next to me at the komuter station. (This was before the train came). I was wearing a striped dark green and blue t-shirt which is the most unfashionable t-shirt ever (I don't even know why I'm wearing it, I just woke up late and took whatever that was in the closet). These two girls were wearing striped t-shirts too. Damn it!! Both wearing blue and white stripes, of different stripe sizes. Horizontal too. (Just like mine). I felt like taking off my top and burning it. (Hey, fashion disaster, mana leh pakai baju sama!!! or almost the same!!).

I was adjusting my ear plugs, when I heard them talking. In bahasa Sarawak. (I can speak and understand bahasa Sarawak, my parents are Sarawakians). And the worst part, they were crapping about everyone else at the komuter station!!! I didn't even want to listen to their "gossiping", which they think no one understand but unfortunately I do, and I don't want to listen to them commenting on other people as if they are so great. Hurmphhhh.

I went to KL Sentral, then switched to Putra LRT to reach my stop at Wangsa Maju.

At the KLCC stop, suddenly three adolescents entered. Two girls and one guy. This caught my attention because the guy was wearing a t-shirt stating "Sekolah Aminuddin Baki" which was my former high school.

The guy looked pretty good, the hair spiked, he looks like he is a mixture of chinese-malay or something, being freakingly fair, and having quite a sense of style. (I mean I would look at him if I'm in high school). So he was leaning against the doors of the LRT while talking to the girls, while sms-ing someone else with his hands.

Damn, macam ni dah ke budak-budak SAB? Back then, my batch, no guy was that good looking, or that good with style, and more over, no one actually can talk with girls and sms with another (I assume he is sms-ing a girl) at the same time!! I mean, he looks like a player. He reeks the scent of a player.

And the worse part, he was using a sony ericsson w660i, which was my old handphone. The one that is red and is spoilt. Tak boleh blah weh!!Budak skolah nyer handphone better than mine!! Bitchfit gileeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Man. I was just pissed off. Without much of a cause basicly. That's what I get when I use the public transport. (btw, all three incidents happened on the same day)

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HaNi said...

mari la kita bersama2 public transporting..
haritu i was in 3inch heels naik komuter...
balik rasa nak cabut kaki rendam dlm air panas..gagagagaga
susah mau menyesuaikan diri..tapi mari kita berusaha yeah~