Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wani's Wedding

Yeah. This post was meant to be written a few weeks back, but I was pretty hyped up due to my final exams, and preparing for my batch's community service in Rembau (which I will blog about soon too :D).

Basicly, this is my first high school wedding I attended, as in the bride is from my high school. (Hazwani from 5M) Wow. I'm really happy for her, and I think she is truly blessed to meet her soulmate, and the fact they got married on the basis of "nak mengelakkan maksiat" was definitely great.

Of course, when attending the wedding, I could not run from thinking and asking myself, when will my turn come? Well, InsyaAllah, I too would have my wedding. I believe God has created everyone in pairs, just that we haven't met our partner yet. :P (kata-kata semangat untuk diri yang sekarang ngah single T_T)

It was great anyway, because the wedding turned out to be a small reunion for SAB students. I thought more people would come, because the wedding location was near our old high school (Masjid dekat SAB), but I guess, at this age, everyone has their own commitments.

Of course la, at times like this, I took lots of pictures, which I will share. :D

This is the first picture of the day. Bakyah was cut in half because camera tak muat. :P Hannanah was too tall. (L-R : Aisya, Seb, Hannanah, Me, Bakyah)

The people who came.

Asmaa in the far right, in blue.

Ezaideen came as well.

He was accompanied by Azlan. (both Ezaideen and Azlan are studying in UPM apparently, but I never really hang out with them before. Rarely see them actually)

This is the picture with the bride. Hazwani looked so radiant that day wearing blue and a tiara. The smile is so .. urm.. real. She is happy. :D

The other people who came.

Hamid became the "official" photographer, busy carrying his DSLR all over, snapping pictures every few seconds. (ada rasa cam celebrity gak, he was snapping everyone's pictures!!)

That's Amin in the first pic, and another guy I forgot what his name is in the second one.

Us on the ride home after the wedding.

Congratulations again to Hazwani, semoga berbahagia ..till death do you part.. k!!


muhammad edwan shaharir said...

tak lama lagi ur turn la tu, aminnn..

Matematis Muda said...


fara, wani tu UIA eyh?

Farah Waheeda said...

edwan : insyaAllah.. ameeeeennnn panjang2. i think ur wedding would come before mine :P tee hee!!

nabil : yup. die amik medik kat uia, baru nak masuk 3rd year. husband die lak student law. :D kenal ye?

Matematis Muda said...

erm knal gitu2 je
sbb dulu dia ada join student council rasa nya