Sunday, July 6, 2008


Suddenly I woke up at 2 am in the morning. Unfortunately, I couldn't go back to sleep. I reached for my handphone and sms-sed a few friends. Waited 10-15 minutes. None replied. Dang. At times like this I wish I had someone to call my own, so I wouldn't feel THAT lonely at night.

I switched on the television, browsed through channels, none seem interesting. I went down and switched on the laptop, and browsed through my friendster and facebook page. How come everyone has happy pictures (with their significant other especially) pasted as their main photo? Damn these photos. I'm feeling worse already.

Then I realized that this might be my last night at home before actually moving to Kg. Baru. I haven't even packed yet. Maybe I thought that leaving the packing to the last minute might actually make me feel that the holidays are not ending that soon. When the fact hits me right in the face, I can feel the tension arising in me, as now, I'm going to the hospital as a 4th year medical student. How time flies. Just about 3 years ago I was anticipating to enter UPM as a junior, a mere first year medical student, and now I'm left with only 2 more years to end the programme. InsyaAllah.

I had just realized that I kind of misplaced (or to be exact lost) my hospital pass. The yellow Hospital Kuala Lumpur pass which I need to enter wards. And at his point, almost 3 am in the morning, I feel like looking for it. I must be crazy. Or troubled. I guess I'm not that happy after all.

Maybe I need therapy. Help.

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