Saturday, July 5, 2008

36 more hours..

.. to starting of the study session. *deep sigh*

Therefore, to enjoy the very few hours left of the holidays, me and my friend decided to try Kenko's Fish Spa. :D

We tried the one in Mid Valley, and this was in the waiting area. It is 30 minutes worth of reflexology by fish, for RM38.

First, we must wash our feet up to the knee areas. The small white bottle at my friend's foot contains some liquid which we do not know what it is for. (My friend thinks it is fish food, that's why the fish bites upon our legs :P)

We were given a towel each.

There were areas containing water with the fish, and we were to put our legs in these areas.

How does it feel like? Very ticklish. At points unbearable. I was laughing my heart out the first few minutes, constantly lifting my legs and putting it back in the water.

Kig Tsuew enjoying the "massage"

The fishes can't really be seen here

Towards the last few minutes before the session ends.

View from a different angle.

It was fun. Definitely worth a try :D

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